Head Lice Molting

Head Lice Molting

Head Lice Molting

The reason that we talk about molting is because it is what lice do naturally to lose their baby size exoskeletons (protective shells), as they become adult lice.  A louse will naturally produce proteins that dissolve or break down these protective shells.  Nymphs or young lice will molt (shed) their exoskeletons three times before becoming adults.

Without their shell, a louse is extremely vulnerable to drowning, asphyxiation (smothering), drying out, etc. They will not survive for more than a few minutes without their exoskeletons.

The specific enzymes in Clearlice replicate the molting process.  Because it is what lice do in nature, they can never become resistant or immune to Clearlice. The enzymes go to work first breaking down the hard protective outer casing of lice and nits.   Once the outer shell is dissolved, the natural botanicals can now do their job.

This is important to you as a parent to know because this is one of the main reasons other products and home remedies fail.  They attempt to either kill lice by poisoning them with dangerous pesticides, or smothering them with oils or grease.  They do not work, because they never get past the exoskeleton. The shell is doing its job of protecting the fragile louse inside of it.

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Natural Lice Treatment

The enzymes in Clearlice start doing their job literally within a few seconds.  The all-natural botanical blend finishes the job in less than 3 minutes.

Not only does it dissolve the hard protective shell of the louse, it also breaks down the glue the lice use to stick to your hair.  This works in the same manner as it does for the exoskeleton, using proteins to dissolve the nit glue.  You will actually be able to see the lice and nits washing out of your hair as you rinse out the shampoo.

This is why you will not have to do a “nit picking” session.  We include the worlds best lice comb as an insurance policy.  There will probably be a few nits or lice left in the hair after the treatment.  But they will most likely be eradicated.  But if by any chance they are not and you miss even just one louse or just one nit, odds are you will get a re-infestation.

We don’t want you to take any chances.  So we ask you to comb through the hair ensuring nothing is left viable.  This will be fairly easy and painless since the glue is dissolved, and our comb is designed to glide through the hair without causing static electricity.  So this means no pulling of the hair, no matter how long it is.  Our patented stainless steel comb is one of a kind and has tiny rounded edges so there is no poking either.


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