Head Lice Home Remedies

Apple cider vinegar does not remove lice

Head Lice Home Remedies  — why they don’t work

If you don’t want to use pesticides on your child’s head, the only effective treatment that we recommend simply involves removing the nits and live lice with a nit comb. This is the method that is advocated by The National Pediculosis Association. It will be extremely time consuming to do this and you will have to repeat the procedure for several weeks to make sure you get them all.

Most other natural home remedies involve putting something on your child’s scalp and hair to ‘smother’ the head lice. Popular choices include mayonnaise, olive oil, and vinegar lice treatments. These are usually left on overnight, often under a shower cap, and then washed out the next day. They can be very messy, and have not been proven to work. You will also have a tough time trying to get this stuff out of your child’s hair.

Home Remedies

Lets review each of these home remedies or head lice alternative treatments as some call them, in detail.

“Super Lice”

“Super Lice” is a term used to describe a new strain of lice that have developed resistance to pesticide-based products.  After years of being treated with these chemicals, the exoskeletons of the lice and protective shells of the nits have mutated and become so hard they are almost impenetrable.

For this same reason home remedies like the ones mentioned above, though might have been successful many years ago, are less then effective any more.  Since they cannot get past the hard outer casings, they cannot smother the lice.

Mayonnaise, olive oil, and Vaseline are all home remedies that attempt to smother head lice.  They all must be left on overnight.  When you or your child wakes up in the morning, you will now have two problems.  A bad case of head lice, and a head full of mayonnaise, olive oil, or Vaseline.

Even if they manage to smother a few lice, they are harmless to nits.  Any lice or nits left in the hair are the start of a new infestation.  100% of lice and nits must be removed to end the life cycle and end your lice infestation.

Tea Tree oil

If 100% pure tea tree oil is used in the correct dosage, with the correct carriers, it can be an effective treatment.   The issue with tea tree oil is that it can be dangerous if used in improper proportions.  Allergic reactions, toxicity and other problems can arise if not used properly.

We strongly recommend against mixing tea tree oil yourself at home.  If you use products containing tea tree oil, make sure they are mixed and bottled in a facility that abides by strict manufacturing guidelines.  All Clearlice products are formulated by Chemists and manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

Vinegar lice treatment

Vinegar as a lice treatment is said to melt the glue that lice use to stick to your hair.  We have not had any positive results reported from the use of vinegar.  The only natural alternative treatment that we know of from our extensive research that can melt the glue is enzymes.

Clearlice shampoo

Clearlice shampoo contains a proprietary blend of all natural enzymes and botanical blends that melt the glue the lice use to stick to your hair.  When you rinse it out, you can actually see them rinsing out with the shampoo.

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