Head Lice in your Home

Head Lice In Your Home

Any parent of school-aged children knows the frustration surrounding having a child come home with head lice. You have to take the time to find a good treatment option for them so that they are able to go back to school quickly without disrupting too much of their education.

The problem that most parents face is that if there is more than one child in the household, the chances that the second child will also have head lice is greater when one child already has it. This is why it is important to take matters into your own hands and create a controlled, lice-free environment so that the chance of lice spreading to your other children or even to you is significantly decreased.

Fortunately, there are products out there that make treating your home as well as your child’s head simple. These products help to reduce the chance of lice coming back to haunt you and your family.

Lice 411

Before you can think about treating someone for head lice or treating your home for head lice, you have to know what you’re up against first.

Head lice are tiny, pale brown insects that feed on the scalp secretions of the human head. They are very difficult to see and even more difficult to remove. Although they cannot jump or fly, they manage to crawl through a person’s head and onto another’s rather quickly and easily. For this reason, head-to-head contact seems to be the method by which these critters travel.

Once atop a head, they begin making their way to the scalp so they can feed. They take up residence here because the heat provided from the human head is the perfect breeding ground for these creatures. Once they reach adulthood, the head lice begin to lay eggs, or nits, on the shafts of the hair. The nits are very small and they blend in with the surrounding hair. Nits are attached to each strand of hair with a glue-like substance that is nearly impossible to remove without a deactivating agent of some kind. This is why finding a lice treatment option quickly is essential to ensure the de-lousing process is done quickly.

Even though lice are parasitic creatures that require the human head for both sustenance and shelter, these insects can live for a time off the human head. They take refuge in things that mimic or contain human hair. For instance, hair brushes and combs, blankets and sheets and hats and clothing are all things lice can take refuge in temporarily while waiting to board another human head.

However, lice cannot sustain life for very long without being on a head. They can survive up to 36 hours on non-human objects, which is plenty of time for them to find a new host. It is essential that you get to them before they are able to find some other head to give them life once more.

The ClearLice Brand

You know ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL is a natural product that treats head lice quickly, safely and effectively. However, ClearLice also makes a natural product that works to treat your environment as well as your child to rid them of head lice.

The ClearLice Enzyme Laundry Additive is the best way to sanitize your laundry and protect them from becoming infested with head lice. The peppermint-scented additive is a safe way to treat your linens, towels and clothing from becoming infested. The additive should be added to a warm water cycle and dried on high heat in order to be sure to exterminate the insects fully. Made with the natural ClearLice formula, the Enzyme Laundry Additive is safe to use and is without any harsh chemicals.

For items you can’t put into the wash, ClearLice has created a ClearLice Household Spray that works on furniture, car seats and other fabric-covered items that cannot be washed. It is pet-friendly and completely free of harsh chemicals so you can be sure that your home is de-loused safely and effectively.


Treating head lice is more than just treating the head that is infested. In addition to treating the source of head lice, it is important to treat the items around your home that could become infested as well because lice are able to live for up to 36 hours off of a human head. If you don’t want re-infestations to occur, you must treat your environment.

ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL is the best product to use if you want to keep your environment lice-free. It’s natural, safe and effective. You can trust ClearLice will all of your lice treatment needs. It is one of the only products out there that has a kit devoted to all manner of lice removal. Try it today, and make your home lice-free by tomorrow!


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