Head Lice: Get Rid of Lice and Nits

Get Rid of Lice and Nits

Head lice are a common problem among elementary school children and now teenagers. Just one lice infestation can spread to the entire family. Parents are often surprised when they find out their child has lice. If you are one of these parents don’t panic. Acting quickly is essential to treating lice and preventing further lice outbreak among others in the household. Learning more about lice will help you take control of the situation and prevent lice infestations.

What are Head Lice?

Head lice, also known as pediculosis capitus, are human parasites that require a host to survive. Lice bugs can live up to 48 hours without a host and nits can live for up to 10 days. Lice are aggravating insects that resemble the size and color of a sesame seed. They are quick moving, however, they are not capable of jumping or flying. They feed on human blood and live on the scalp.

Female lice lay eggs, also referred to as nits, and secure them close to the scalp and on the hair strands with a sticky substance they produce with their body. The eggs hatch within 10 days and feed on the scalp. Lice do not carry or transmit disease.

Head Lice Tips and Head Lice Prevention

  • Check your child’s hair for nits and lice 2 to 3 times per week. Wet your child’s hair and use a nit comb to comb through your child’s hair and search the scalp. Since lice move quickly, it might be easier to look for nits, which are attached to hair strands located closely to the scalp.
  • Teach your child about lice and advise them not to share their brush, comb, scarf, hat, hair ribbons or clothing with their friends and classmates. Lice can live up to 48 hours off of the human source. This means they can be crawling around on these items and easily attach to someone else’s head.
  • Avoid head-to-head contact. This is the most common way head lice is transmitted. Teach your child to avoid leaning their head against others. This often happens when children are taking a selfie and posing for the picture. Also children spend a lot of hours in the classroom and on the playground within close proximity with others. While this closeness isn’t exactly preventable you can ask your child to not stand or sit to close to their friends and classmates.
  • Advise your child to avoid using or sharing brushes, combs, scarfs, hats, hair accessories and clothing. If your child has long hair you can tie it up in a bun so that the length is not able to accidentally touch others as they stand or walk closely together.
  • Take action immediately. If your child has lice, take steps immediately to treat lice. This often includes lice treatment kits found online or at your local pharmacy.
  • Follow the directions of the lice treatment exactly in order for it to actually get rid of lice and nits.
  • Check everyone in the household’s hair and scalp for lice. It could have spread easily without realizing it. Often, a member of your family could have a lice infestation for up to 3 months without even noticing.
  • Look for the head lice symptoms. The only noticeable head lice symptom is excessive scratching of the scalp. Lice bite into the scalp to consume blood. Sometimes the person who has lice can develop a sensitivity to the saliva of the lice, which causes itching.
  • Alert others around you. While a lice infestation is probably something you would rather not shout out from the roof tops for all to hear, it is essential that you notify your child’s school or other parents who children have been around your child.

Natural Lice Treatment to Get Rid of Lice in One day

Your local pharmacy may carry the same lice treatment your parents used on you as a child. While this head lice treatment worked perfectly during your childhood, it rarely works on the lice of today. They are referred to as mutant lice, super lice, or resistant lice because they have actually built up immunity to the harsh chemicals in over the counter lice treatments and they are no longer effective. Many parents are choosing natural lice treatment as their first option, because lice cannot build up a resistance to natural ingredients.

The most popular and effective natural head lice treatment is ClearLice. This treatment is all natural, smells like peppermint and is known for its incredible ability to work when others fail. It is void of pesticides and harsh chemicals. ClearLice eliminates lice and nits in one day, guaranteed. You have the option to purchase ClearLice products such as treatment shampoo and treatment conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, lice repellent shampoo and lice repellent conditioner and a specialty nit comb, separately or in a convenient kit. It all gets delivered to you the next day so you can take action fighting the lice infestation quickly.

Follow head lice preventative measures such as checking your child’s hair and scalp for lice and nits, teaching your child about lice and advising your child not to share specific items with their classmates. ClearLice head lice repel shampoo and repel conditioner can also be used daily to help prevent a lice infestation.Take action quickly and get rid of lice easily and quickly with natural head lice treatment today!

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