Some More Head Lice Facts You Must Know

Head Lice Facts You Must Know

Head Lice Facts You Must Know

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Head Lice Treatment

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Head lice are quite common in almost every part of the world. Moreover, head lice are not a sign of poor hygiene. Therefore, if your child gets it, you don’t need to be embarrassed. In fact, head lice always prefer clean hair because they allow them to move easily from head to head. Let us tell you about some head lice facts you need to know.

Spread between Heads – Contrary to the common notion, head lice can not fly or jump. In fact, they walk from hair to hair. They spread from an infested person to another when heads are close enough and hair are touching. Head lice can also spread via shared hats, brushes, combs, towels, pillows, dress ups and linen. These items can give access to the other heads.

Lice Prefer Clean Hair

As mentioned earlier, head lice prefer clean hair. Therefore, washing your hair everyday will not help you stay away from lice. Moreover, head lice does not mean you are unhygienic. Lice may lay around 200 eggs in their lifespan. Therefore, besides removing lice, you also need to continue the treatment until hatchlings have been killed.

It is Not Necessary to Boil Linen  to Get Rid of Lice

One of the most interesting head lice facts is that head lice tend to die within 24 hours when they are not in human hair. Therefore, it is not necessary to boil your linen and the clothes to kill lice. By the time you wash, dry and wear your clothes again, head lice would have died. Moreover, sunlight also kills head lice and therefore, you can dry your clothes in direct sunlight to kill head lice.

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Different Head Lice Treatments

There are many different types of head lice. Therefore, one treatment of head lice may not work for the other types. Once your child is ready to receive a treatment, make sure he/she is being treated appropriately. Your child will be allowed back at school once he or she has been treated.

Less Risk with Tied Hair – Children having long hair are always less likely to get head lice if the hair is tied in a plait or ponytail. One having long hair must allow her hair to soak completely after washing and then tie it. An effective treatment lotion can also be rubbed on the hair to reduce the chance of getting affected lice. One louse lives for around forty days and generally feeds on blood around five times each and every day.

Itching Not Necessary if You Have Lice

One of the most important head lice facts is that itching does not always indicate head lice. Some children do not feel any itching, but still may be infested with head lice. However, it is important not to scratch the scalp if you have been infested. An infected person should wear socks or gloves on hands to resist scratching.

Once your child has been treated, you can inform the school or childcare so that the other parents can check their children for any infestation. With these head lice facts, you will have a proper understanding of various important things you need to know about head lice infestations.

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