Head Lice Do’s and Don’ts

Head Lice Do's and Don'ts

Head Lice Do's and Don'ts

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Head Lice Treatment

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Head lice take time and effort to completely eliminate. If you want to effectively rid your head and home of lice you must be sure to clean your environment and washables in order to prevent a lice re-infestation. Here are some do’s and don’ts you should be aware of when treating a lice infestation.

Re-check Heads for Lice

It’s important to keep watch of the heads of all family members when lice are being treated. The hair should be searched with a fine toothed comb every morning before school and every night before bed.  Make sure to also check and clean bedding, stuffed animals, carpets, and hair accessories in order to get rid of new lice as soon as the nits hatch. It is important to continue checking for two weeks after the last live louse is discovered in your home or on a family member’s head.

Treat Everybody for Lice

If someone in the household is affected with lice, it is essential to treat every member of the family. If only one person is treated this will commonly lead to re-infestation as lice spread quickly from one head to another. Even friends of the affected person should be notified and treated immediately. In order to successfully eliminate lice, anyone that may have come in contact with the lice infested host should undergo a lice treatment.

Treat Your Home for Lice

When treating head lice, you will also need to treat your environment. Lice can live off of the human head on furniture, carpets, bedding, and clothes for up to 48 hours. Nits can live off of the head for up to 10 days. Most people have to deal with lice re-infestations because they fail to treat their home.  Lice living off of the head can easily crawl onto a new host’s head to breed and feed causing a re-infestation. All bedding, towels, clothing, and other washable items should be washed. ClearLice laundry additive can be added to your laundry to ensure that lice and nits are eliminated. Non-washable items that lice and nits can burrow in should be put in air tight bags and left outside of the home for 10 days. All surfaces in your home to should be vacuumed, if possible. ClearLice household spray can be lightly misted on upholstery and carpeting to get rid of living lice and nits.

It may be time consuming to treat the heads of all family members and your home, but it is vital to completely eliminate lice and prevent re-infestation.


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