Are Head Lice Becoming Resistant To OTC Treatments?

Head Lice Becoming Resistant to OTC Lice Treatment

Head Lice Becoming Resistant to OTC Lice Treatment

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Head Lice Treatment

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Over time, head lice have become resistant to over the counter treatments. In the same way that the overuse of antibiotics has created superbugs, the ongoing use of lice treatments has caused head lice resistance.

Drug Resistance Lice

Using the same treatments over and over again allows head lice to begin to build immunity to them. Therefore, using the same treatment medications time and time again lead to head lice resistance. Research has shown that up to 70% of head lice have developed resistance to over the counter treatments for head lice. The hard exoskeleton of the lice repels the chemicals that it has developed a resistance to. This increasing drug resistance in lice has made getting rid of the pesky bugs increasingly difficult. The question then becomes how to effectively get rid of lice once and for all if they have developed resistance to over the counter treatments.

Chemical Free Lice Treatments

There is no real way to get around head lice resistance problems to drugs other than to use treatments that do not involve the use of chemicals. There are a few different ways to do this. One of the suggested remedies is to spread Vaseline liberally over the scalp and through the hair. This must then be slept on overnight with a shower cap on to suffocate the nits. Not only is this not 100% effective, it is also extremely messy and time consuming. Another suggested remedy is wet combing with a lice comb. This can make the lice easier to catch and remove by hand. This remedy is chemical free but will likely miss many bugs and eggs.

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Other Options

While head lice resistance is a problem with many commonly used over the counter treatments, it seems to be less of a problem with doctor prescribed prescription medications. These less commonly used methods of lice eradication are not as likely to develop head lice resistance simply because they are not used as frequently so the lice have not yet developed a tolerance to them. Doctors must diagnose the case before these highly potent prescriptions can be used. These medications are toxic and have a range of side effects that can be experienced making them not the ideal solution to turn to.

Other Head Lice Treatment Methods

One of the most effective methods of lice removal is not only chemical free but is also not subject to head lice resistance because it works mechanically instead of chemically. The ClearLice line of products use natural ingredients such as plant extracts, homeopathic ingredients, enzyme complexes and natural botanicals to mimic the molting process of head lice. These ingredients break down the hard exoskeleton of the lice and weaken them to the exposure of ClearLice. These products are not only specially formulated to prevent head lice resistance but are also completely safe, all natural and extremely effective.

Those who are trying to overcome head lice resistance to medications will find that the resistance only gets worse when the same OTC treatments are used over and over again. Instead of continuing to fight repeated infestations and contributing to the problem of head lice resistance, try another route with ClearLice.

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