Head Lice: A Head Scratcher?

Head Lice: a Head Scratcher

Head Lice: a Head Scratcher

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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You are not alone! Your child has lice and it’s ok, you don’t have to panic. Lice do not transmit or carry disease and they do not affect your child’s health. They are just a nuisance that affect 6 to 12 million primary school children every year. As a parent who is going through your child’s first and hopefully only lice infestation, you may feel overwhelmed and concerned. Becoming familiar with head lice, lice treatment and ice prevention is essential to staying calm and focusing on the matter at hand.

Parents often find out their child has lice from correspondence from their child’s school. Usually a letter, email or phone call is received with details about head lice guidelines and rules set by the school district. Most school districts within the United States have a strict no-nit policy. This means although your child was able to complete their school day, they are not able to return to school until they are completely free from lice and nits.

What are lice and nits?

This is often one of the first questions a parent asks after finding out their child has lice. Lice are human parasites that date far back in history. There is record of Egyptian mummies having signs of lice on the hair and scalp of their corpse.

Adult head lice resemble the look and size of a sesame seed. They are quick moving creatures that scatter easily and feed on human blood. They bite into the scalp to consume blood. These tiny bites can cause itching in those who are sensitive to lice saliva. Nits are lice eggs that are secured to hair strands located close to the scalp. The female lice use a self-made sticky substance to assure attachment to the hair. Lice live their entire lifecycle on the head of humans.

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Mutant Lice, Super Lice, and Resistant Lice

The words “mutant” and “super” have most-likely already struck fear into you. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Mutant and super lice are identical in appearance and behavior as standard lice strains. The reason mutant lice are different is because they have built up an immunity to common chemical ingredients used in a wide range and popular lice treatments.

Lice Treatment Options

Most parents will immediately rush to the local pharmacy to purchase the strongest lice treatment available. However, most parents fail to read the ingredients in these common over-the-counter head lice treatments. They are filled with pesticides and harsh chemicals. While your first instinct may be satisfied that this is the strongest lice treatment, it also means you will be putting these chemicals on your child and they will seep into the blood stream upon contact with skin.

The fact that harsh chemicals can reach your child’s blood stream and even cause health issues is enough for parents to feel desperate for a cure. Many parents are searching for natural alternatives to get rid of lice. Many are flocking to a specific brand called ClearLice.

ClearLice: Natural Head Lice Treatment

ClearLice is increasingly becoming the first option for treating lice. ClearLice is a natural lice treatment that gets rid of lice and nits in just one day. This popular and effective head lice treatment is void of pesticides and harsh chemicals and is safe to use after other treatments fail. The delightful fresh peppermint scent is adored by children and adults alike.

ClearLice makes things easy for you. Place your order online and receive your package the next day. You have the opportunity to purchase ClearLice products individually, by the gallon or in convenient kits such as single size, family size and jumbo size. Products include lice treatment shampoo and lice treatment conditioner, lice repel shampoo and lice repel conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray and stainless steel nit combs.

Act Immediately when you find Head Lice

Start head lice treatment immediately and prepare yourself to comb through your child’s hair until the lice and nits are gone. Unfortunately, children with long hair are at a higher risk of getting lice than those with shorter hair. This means parents may end up cutting their child’s hair or spending a few hours combing through it. Either way it is a necessary and effective task, no matter what type of lice treatment you chose to use. Quick action eliminates days your child misses from school and time you miss from work.

Head Lice Prevention

Once your child has lice, you will be searching for ways to prevent lice. This is where ClearLice comes to the rescue once again. They have a lice repellent shampoo and a lice repellent conditioner that helps prevent lice re-infestations. You can also consider teaching the following lice prevention tips to your child:

  • Avoid head-to-head contact
  • Don’t share hats, scarfs, combs, brushes, hair accessories or clothing
  • Don’t get to close to others when taking a selfie picture

As a head lice preventative and early detection measure you can conduct regular hair checks on your child. Wet your child’s hair and use a comb to separate their hair into sections. Then comb through the section and search for lice and nits. At the first sign of lice take action immediately and make ClearLice your first option for lice treatment.


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