Head Lice 101

Head Lice 101

Head Lice 101

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Head Lice Treatment

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Picture this: You’re brushing your daughter’s hair and getting her ready for school, and you spot a tiny insect making its way through her hair. You look closer and find tiny nits attached to the hair shafts of your daughter’s head. She has head lice. You begin to panic and try to think back to when you were a kid and what your parents used to get rid of those pesky insects. As your mind races, it flashes back to a note your daughter brought home from her school, warning you of this possibility. It also warned you about the no-nit policy the school has in place. As you finish combing your daughter’s hair, you call into work letting them know you can’t come in today because you have to take care of your daughter’s head lice situation. And then, you start to research possible treatments.

Perhaps this scenario seems familiar to you because that is the series of events that occurred when you discovered your child had head lice. It is important that you find a decent treatment for your child’s head lice problem so that he or she can return to school, but it is also important to understand the insects themselves and learn about their behaviors.

If you can understand head lice, you can find better ways to treat them without wasting time trying to come up with a solution.

Getting to Know Head Lice

Head lice are small parasites that feed off of the blood of the human head. Head lice are a pale brown color and they can often camouflage into the person’s hair that they infest. Once lice find their way onto a human head they will start to lay eggs (nits) on the shaft of the hairs. The lice eggs, nits, are stuck to the shaft of the hair with a glue-like substance. This makes it very difficult to remove nits without the use of a product specifically designed to dissolve the glue.

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Most people believe that lice can fly or jump; however, this is incorrect.  Head lice can only move from one head to another by crawling. Head-to-head contact is the most common way for lice to spread among other people. Lice cannot live very long off a human head. But, it is not impossible to get head lice from the environment. Head lice can live in clothing, carpets, bedding, and furniture for short period of time and crawl onto a human head to start an infestation.

If you are aware of what head lice are and how they can spread to other, this makes it much easier to prevent head lice in the first place. You can take certain precautions to shield your children and family from getting a head lice infestation. It is essential to educated your children about head lice.

Make your children aware of how head lice spread to keep them from infesting your family.  If a child is told to not share personal items with other kids this will lessen the chances of that child contracting head lice. Children should also be told that head to head contact increases the chances of getting head lice, so they do not engage in close play. Head lice education is important especially when it comes to school-aged children, since lice infestations are quite common and lice is highly contagious.

ClearLice: Get Rid of Lice Naturally

While taking measures to prevent lice is important, it is still possible your child or family may become infested with lice.  At some point you may have to deal with head lice and getting a product specifically designed to get rid of lice and nits in your best bet.  ClearLice is a natural product line that consists of lice treatment and lice prevention products that will get rid of lice and nits, safely and effectively.

The ClearLice formula is SLS-free, paraben-free and pesticide-free. Instead of harsh pesticides and chemicals used by the leading over-the-counter treatments, ClearLice uses a unique combination of natural enzymes that breaks down head lice and nits and makes them easier to remove.

There are no parents that want to have to treat head lice or children that want to have to go through this process. But head lice are common and very contagious, so it is important to take preventative measures to reduce your chances of you child getting head lice. If your child does happen to contract lice, as many do, ClearLice makes a natural lice treatment formula that will get rid of lice and nits in one day from your family and your home. Try ClearLice today, and be lice-free tomorrow!

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