Hairstyles to Prevent Lice. Does Braiding Hair Prevent Lice?

Hair Styles to Avoid Lice

Hair Styles to Avoid Lice

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The questions “does braiding hair prevent lice?”, “can you get lice with braids?” or “do lice like braids?” are popular, that is why we made this post about “hairstyles to prevent lice“. It was carefully done by us to better help you up with your lice treatment. Keep reading!

If you’re the mom of a child of school-going age, you most likely will experience the nightmare of head lice. This is nothing to be embarrassed about; lice are not the result of poor hygiene. In fact, lice are more prone to infest a clean head of hair.

Girls are the most vulnerable to head lice because their hair is longer and they tend to engage in closer play and share personal belongings with one another. This is perfect opportunity to showcase your creative side on your daughter’s hair.  Read on for the 5 easy hairstyles that will help your child avoid lice.

The Bun

Putting your child’s hair up in a bun is the easiest way to pull all of the hair off the head, neck, and face. This makes it more difficult for lice to crawl on loose hairs. You can experiment with different bun styles, from a tight, slicked back ballerina look to a messy loose bun.  You can create a high bun, a low bun, or a side bun. Your daughter may choose to decorate the bun with fun accessories.

The Braid

The braid is a simple and classic look. You can pull the hair up into a high pony tail and braid the rest of the hair that remain the pony tail. You can also par the hair in the middle and braid two sections to create a pig tail look. Tying the two plaits together at the back of the head is also a fun and different look.

The Fishtail Braid                                                    

This fishtail braid also gathers all fly-away hairs. This fishtail braid appears very intricate, but is actually simple to achieve. It gets its name because it looks similar to the scales on a fish. The fish tail can also be separated into two sections for a pig tail look.

 Lice Repellent Spray

Each of these fun and girly hair styles can be misted with ClearLice  leave-in conditioner. It is made with natural ingredients and smells like peppermint. It will create a protective shield over the hair which will make head lice less likely to choose your daughter as their next victim.

2 thoughts on “Hairstyles to Prevent Lice. Does Braiding Hair Prevent Lice?

  1. Ashley says:

    My daughter has mostly lice eggs and I could bearly find any lice. I’ve heard they take about 30 days to be removed and I want to know what is the best way and fastes way to get rid of them. She will be having dance practice in 2 days and it’s mandatory.

    • Darren says:

      The full lice kit is recommended. Including the lice detergent, the lice repellent spray for hair and the conditioner. People even use the repellent daily to PREVENT a future outbreak, after all it’s great for your hair and all natural.

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