Is Hair Dye A Lice Treatment?

Hair Dye Lice Treatment
Hair Dye Lice Treatment

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A natural reaction whenever one develops head lice is panic. People who are infested will try anything to get rid of lice, including home remedies, over-the-counter treatments, and even coloring their hair. Some people have even been known to color their hair as a way to prevent contracting lice in the first place. However, coloring the hair isn’t an effective way to treat lice, nor will it prevent an infestation from occurring.

Hair Coloring as a Lice Treatment

Each hair dye brand is different, and will react differently with each person’s body chemistry, so there is actually no way to tell how effective a coloring treatment will be. Even though hair dye might poison some live lice, it does not remove their eggs, which are also known as nits. As a result, new lice will hatch continuing the infestation.

Lice Don’t Discriminate

Another reason why coloring the hair does not help treat lice is because these pests do not discriminate as to which heads they seek. As such, head lice are just as likely to attach themselves to color treated hair as they are to non-color treated hair. This means that there is no need to regularly color the hair in order to prevent contracting lice, since it doesn’t make a difference as to who gets them anyway.  Children and adults can easily contract lice whenever they come in contact with an infested person, regardless of any previous color treatments they may have undergone.

How to Treat Head Lice

Those with color treated hair need to be especially careful when trying to get rid of lice, as many commercial lice treatment products might actually strip dye from the hair. This could result in the hair being unevenly colored, which could require a salon treatment in order to correct. Rather than using a product that contains harsh chemicals, people who have colored their hair should consider a natural lice treatment such as ClearLice instead. That way, they will not have to worry about damaging the hair due to performing excess color treatments.

ClearLice Lice Treatment

Made from natural ingredients, ClearLice will get rid of lice in as little as one treatment. This is possible without affecting the coloring of the hair. Unlike products that contain pesticides, ClearLice has a pleasant peppermint smell that children will enjoy. It has been proven effective at killing lice and their eggs with only one easy-to-use treatment.

ClearLice is an effective product to use on anyone’s head, even those who have color treated hair. Since lice cannot build up a resistance to the ingredients in the ClearLice product range, consumers can count on this product to be an effective way to treat lice for years to come.