Getting Rid of Lice

Getting Rid of Lice

Head lice are irksome insects that no one wants to have to deal with. Whether you’ve had head lice or not, chances are that you’ve come into contact with someone who has had head lice at least once in their lives. They cause itchy scalps and an abundance of annoyances, but they do not cause much else. Despite this, most schools have a no-nit policy in place that will take your child out of school until he or she gets rid of lice and nits.

They spread quickly and silently, so it is important to know as much as you can about them if you want to treat lice quickly and effectively.

Where Do Head Lice Come From?

Head lice have been around for as long as humans have been around, but where did they originate? The species of head lice that we know today is called Pediculus humanus, and it evolved from another parasite – the body louse. Many species of the body louse started to die off when humans began wearing clothing, but those that didn’t die migrated to the scalp and began evolving to be able to survive on the human head.

No one is really certain what their natural purpose in life is. But what we do know is that head lice adapt very quickly to changing situations, which is what has made them last so long. They are survivors.

How Do Head Lice move?

Many people concern themselves with how lice go from head to head in the first place because it is an essential piece of information if you want to try to prevent lice from invading your child’s head. Lice cannot jump or fly. They crawl from head to head and that is only made easier through direct head-to-head contact. Lice had to learn to crawl back when humans began wearing clothing because it blocked access to the body.

Head Lice Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding head lice, and one of the most common is that lice are only interested in you if you’re dirty. People believe that because they came into existence before sanitation was readily available that lice prefer to live on ‘dirty’ people who cannot afford the luxury of being clean. This is not true. In fact, if anything, lice prefer cleaner heads because it is easier to move around in them. But they will attach themselves to any head they can in order to survive.

Over-the-Counter Lice Treatments

When it comes to treating lice and nits, there are many options available to you. One of the most well-known lice treatment options is the over-the-counter lice treatment. Many believe that the over-the-counter lice treatments are the best ways to get rid of lice and nits. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Recent research has shown that lice have adapted to be immune to many of the chemicals present in over-the-counter lice treatments. In other words, the pesticides and neurotoxins that exist in these over-the-counter medical lice treatments do not work. It would take multiple treatments to even have a hope of getting rid of lice and their eggs.

In addition, these pesticides and neurotoxins are actually more harmful to your child than they are to the lice they’re supposed to treat. Overuse of these lice-killing chemicals can cause problems within the central nervous system and affect developmental processes within your child’s body. Why risk your child’s health on a lice treatment that doesn’t even work?

ClearLice: Getting Rid Of Lice

Because the over-the-counter lice treatments have been rendered somewhat ineffective, many companies have begun to create natural lice treatments as alternatives to the chemical-ridden over-the-counter treatments. ClearLice is the result of one company’s efforts to do so. Made in Boca Raton, FL, ClearLice offers you the chance to get rid lice and nits safely, quickly and effectively.

ClearLice shampoos and conditioners are made with a unique formula that uses a combination of natural enzymes in order to breakdown the creature’s protective exoskeletons making it easier to remove lice and nits. The peppermint and lavender-scented lice shampoos and conditioners offer you the chance to safely get rid of lice and nits from within your child’s head with just one treatment.

ClearLice is the best option for you and your family to rid your lives of lice. It offers a safe and effective alternative to the chemically rich, over-the-counter lice medical treatments that have been used for years.


Head lice are ancient creatures that evolve every time they need to survive. They have adapted to become immune to many of the chemicals present inside the over-the-counter medical lice treatments. ClearLice is different. ClearLice allows you to treat your child’s head lice naturally and effectively with just one treatment. It is the safest and most effective way to get rid of lice and nits in your child’s head.

Try ClearLice today, and be lice-free tomorrow!

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