Get Rid of Lice With the Right Products

Get Rid of Lice with the Right Products

Get Rid of Lice with the Right Products

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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For many parents, having a child come home from school with head lice can be a challenge. The idea of having to treat lice on your child can become overwhelming if you are not familiar with the various lice treatment options that are out there and how they work. Using the wrong product could result in head lice re-infestations that will cost you more time and more money. It is important that you look for the best lice treatment for your situation before you begin treating your child’s head lice.

Before you can start treatment though, it is imperative that you understand just what it is you are dealing with. Head lice are tiny, pale brown insects that live in and feed on the scalps of humans. They lay eggs, or nits, close to the hair shafts of various strands of hair. These nits are nearly impossible to remove without a deactivating agent because they are cemented onto the head via a glue-like substance. That is why it is important to find a lice treatment because it will help you to kill live lice and deactivate the glue holding the eggs in place. This will make it easier for you to comb the lice and nits out.

Head lice cannot jump or fly from head to head. They only move by crawling, so direct contact is needed for them to get from one head to another. In addition, they can live up to 48 hours off of a human head, so it is imperative that you find a treatment that can treat your children and also your home if necessary. There are many treatment options available, but you need to do your research before you settle in on a lice treatment product.

Over-the-Counter Lice Treatments

Many parents’ first instinct when their child comes home with head lice is to go out to the local drugstore and pick up a bottle of an over-the-counter lice treatment. While these treatments claim they are the best way to rid your child of lice and nits, they are not.

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Recent studies have shown that lice have become somewhat immune to the effects of the lice killing chemicals present in most over-the-counter treatments. This means that it would take multiple treatments of these chemical-ridden, over-the-counter lice treatments in order for them to be effective. You will be paying more money than you need to be paying and spending more time than you need to be spending; it is just wasteful.

In addition, these chemicals are often dangerous for your child if used in high quantities. The chemicals that are present in these over-the-counter head lice treatments are often combinations of neurotoxins and pesticides, which can inhibit your child’s developmental processes. If you have to use multiple lice removal treatments for the hope that they will eliminate lice on your child, you are exposing him or her to more dangerous and harsh chemicals. This increases the risk to your child.

Why would you risk your child’s health for a head lice treatment that may or may not work when there are other options available?


With the recent discovery that head lice can be immune to the chemicals present in over-the-counter lice treatments, many companies have begun to investigate the use of natural lice products. ClearLice is the result of research done by one company in Boca Raton, FL. ClearLice is a natural lice treatment alternative to the harsh over-the-counter treatments.

ClearLice shampoos and conditioners use a combination of natural enzymes to breakdown lice and nits, making them easier to remove. This unique, natural formula is safe to use with children and will not cause harm to his or her vital developmental processes. It is also vastly more effective than an over-the-counter treatment. You’ll only need one treatment to get rid of lice and nits, as opposed to the numerous ones you would need with an over-the-counter lice product. In addition, these products come equipped with a peppermint or lavender scent, making the experience of using them more pleasurable than using an over-the-counter treatment.

Moreover, ClearLice offers lice prevention products as well, in order to ensure that your home and family remain lice-free. The preventative shampoos and conditioners use a formula that uses different natural ingredients in order to prevent lice from attacking at all. It is gentle enough to use like your normal shampoo and conditioner, but it is powerful enough to prevent lice from invading your head.


When your child comes home with head lice, it is essential that you are prepared to treat the problem with the best lice treatment available. ClearLice will provide you with a safe, effective and natural lice treatment option that will get rid of lice and nits. It is more effective than the leading brand of over-the-counter treatments in that it only takes one treatment to get rid of lice and nits.

Try ClearLice today, and be lice-free tomorrow!

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