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Get rid of head lice

Get rid of head lice

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Head Lice Treatment

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Getting rid of lice for good be one of the most difficult tasks we have to endure when we have children. Not because it is difficult to find an effective product for lice removal at all; after all here at ClearLice we have designed a line of products that are very effective when it comes to treating lice, but simply because it is a very meticulous process that needs to be performed as indicated in order to make sure that we use the product to the best of its abilities.

Unfortunately, when people go for the most common treatments available to them at the local pharmacy or convenience store, they find themselves disappointed at the lack of effectiveness and the cost of these products that leave customers thinking they might as well throw their money into the garbage can.

Common Head Lice Treatments

The reason why these common products are not an effective treatment against head lice is simply because their active ingredient, Permethrin has been used in head lice treatments for a very long time now. Since this is an artificial chemical that is synthetized in a laboratory, lice have already started to form an immunity against this chemical and they build up stronger resistances to these lice products with each new generation of lice. This trait is not exclusive to head lice or bugs at all, it is simply the way nature works and bugs and pests all over the world have the ability to develop an immunity against chemicals. This is also the reason why pesticide manufacturers all over the world find themselves having to change the formula in their products constantly in order to remain competitive. The problem here is that the manufacturers of the most common big brand head lice treatments simply have not changed their formula in a very long time, after all, all they care about is profit.


Dangers of Chemical Lice Treatment

If we consider the fact that these head lice treatments are simply not effective when it comes to removing head lice and we also consider the fact that these harmful chemicals and poisons often cause allergic reactions that might be even more dangerous than the actual head lice infestation, it is easy to see why these products are simply not a good option. Here at ClearLice we pride ourselves in manufacturing a product that is not only safe to use but extremely effective when it comes to getting rid of lice for good at home.

ClearLice: Natural Lice Treatment

All of our products are created with a mixture of all natural ingredients consisting of botanical elements, enzyme complexes, plant extracts and other homeopathic ingredients that are extremely effective when it comes to killing lice and nits. Our product acts as a molting agent that mimics the molting process in head lice and nits, therefore accelerating their death and making sure that they are eliminated within the first 24 hours. And while this process is extremely aggressive for the lice themselves, you’ll find that the mixture of organic compounds and all-natural ingredients that we use for our products is completely safe for humans and pet friendly.

Another benefit of using an all-natural head lice product is the fact that lice simply cannot develop an immunity against these products the same way they do for Permethrin; which means that our product will always be efficient and safe to use regardless of how strong or resilient future generations of head lice become.  You will also find that our lice treatment kits come with everything you need to get rid of these nasty little bugs from your head and home; our lice treatment shampoo, our lice treatment conditioner, laundry enzyme, household spray, shower cap and stainless steel comb. By using our line of products, you and your children can go back to their normal routine within 24 hours of a lice infestation; reducing the total number of missed days at school and reducing the obvious social stigma that usually accompanies a head lice infestation.

Here at ClearLice we want to help as many people as possible get rid of head lice while creating a line of products that is environmentally-friendly as well as safe for everyone to use. Our line of natural lice treatment was created after extensive research on the molting process that lice go through and our products go through a rigorous quality-assurance process in order to guarantee not only the effectiveness of our products but also the quality of the all-natural ingredients and compounds found in them.

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