How To Get Rid Of Head Lice

Which hair comb is better for lice treatment?

Which hair comb is better for lice treatment?

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Head lice are bothersome creatures, and a diligent effort is needed in order to completely eliminate them. If you are plagued with these parasites, knowing how to get rid of head lice from your household once and for all is important. Find out how to get rid of head lice permanently here!

Treating Lice on Hair

When people ask how to get rid of head lice, the first thing that’s usually mentioned is treating the hair. Everyone in the same household as an affected person should be treated in order to ensure these pests are completely removed. This involves washing the hair with a special shampoo that is designed to eliminate the lice themselves, followed by a thorough combing to remove any nits. This process should be followed by an inspection of the hair a few days later in order to make sure all lice and nits are gone.

Washing Lice off of Linens and Clothing

The question of how to get rid of head lice also involves washing all linens, towels and clothing thoroughly in hot water. After washing these items, they should be dried in a clothes dryer on the hottest setting possible. That way, any lice or nits that were not removed during the wash cycle will be killed by the heat of the dryer, thereby eliminating the odds of family members becoming re-infested.

Vacuum Lice off of Carpets and Bedding

All carpet in the house of an infested person should be vacuumed thorough, to include corners of rooms and around baseboards. Furniture and bedding should also be vacuumed on a daily basis until a louse outbreak has completely subsided. When vacuuming furniture and bedding, it’s important to get into the seams of a mattress and in and under couch and chair cushions. Once vacuuming is over with, the bag should be taken out, placed inside a plastic bag, sealed tightly shut and then disposed of outdoors.

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Get Rid of Lice from Combs and Brushes

When talking about how to get rid of head lice, removing it from hair accessories should also be mentioned. All combs, brushes, hair clips, and headbands should be placed in a pan of water and completely covered. After that, the pan should be brought to a rolling boil and be allowed to continue boiling for at least ten minutes. Doing this will kill any lice or nits that are present in combs and brushes and make them safe to use again. Any hair accessories that cannot be boiled should be discarded by placing them inside a plastic bag and sealing it tightly shut.

Eliminate Lice from Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals can also harbor head lice, especially if children who are infested with these creatures sleep with them. One way to get rid of lice and nits on stuffed animals is to have them dry cleaned. Since this can be rather expensive, a more practical solution involves placing them inside plastic bags and then sealing them up so that no air can get inside them. Leaving them bagged up for about two weeks will allow any lice that are present to be smothered.

There’s no doubt that the problem of how to get rid of head lice involves a number of details. Even so, it’s important not to overlook any of them if you are to rid yourself of head lice and put an end to your family’s suffering.

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