Even Though They Aren’t Invited, Head Lice Love Holidays

Head Lice Love Holidays

Head Lice Love Holidays

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The holidays are arriving soon and everyone is looking forward to spending time with family and friends. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday is one of the times of year that family stays in close quarters for extended periods of time. Children share sleeping bags, hair accessories, hats, scarfs, coats and more during this festive time of year. While it is a rewarding experience to be so close to family and friends, it also opens up the opportunity for unwanted guests. No, not crazy guests like your crazy Uncle Joe, but unwanted guests like head lice!

What are head lice?

Now that you know head lice can be showing up for your holiday festivities, you may feel a bit panicked. But don’t worry! Head lice are harmless human parasites that are similar in size and color to sesame seeds. They do not carry or spread disease or bacteria. Lice survive their entire lifetime on a human host. They set up house on the scalp and hair strands of children and adults. Female lice attach their eggs, also known as nits, to hair strands using a self-created sticky substance that acts as glue. They often place the eggs towards the root of the hair because the warmth of the scalp help the eggs to thrive.

Lice feed on human blood as they bite into the scalp to extract their meal. These tiny bites expose the skin to lice saliva which could cause excessive itching if sensitivity occurs. Some people show signs of excessive scratching during this time, while others show no signs at all. Lice are quick moving and scatter fast, making them difficult to detect. It is easy for a lice infestation to go unnoticed for weeks, allowing it the opportunity to spread to others.


How does lice spread?

Since lice are fast moving critters, they are always looking for a source of food to sustain their life. Lice easily crawl onto new human sources generally through head-to-head contact and sharing of personal items mentioned earlier. During the holiday season many families stay over-night at family homes. It may look adorable to see your child curled up in their sleeping bag on the living room floor with all of their cousins, but this is also where lice will get transmitted. If just one child has lice and shares their sleeping bag with their favorite cousin, or even trades sleeping bags, lice can spread.

Children enjoy playing together and girls especially enjoy sharing hair accessories, ribbons and clothing. Children with long hair are especially at risk since their hair can easily touch others without them realizing it. It also gives the lice more of a chance to transfer onto a new host. If you have lots of young children in the family, the risk of lice outbreaks increases greatly.

Head Lice Preventative Measures

While being in close proximity with others during the holiday season is often unavoidable, there are preventative measures you can take to lessen the risk of your child getting lice.

  • Bring your own pillows, blankets and sleeping bags
  • Avoid sharing personal items with others
  • Children with long hair should wear their hair up in a bun
  • Check your child for lice under a bright light

Conducting regular lice checks during the holidays as you stay with family or as family members stay at your home is key to preventing an outbreak. Often family members won’t even realize their child has lice until they go back home. If you have a chance to discover during the holiday, you can treat the entire family at one time.

Common Head Lice Treatments

Common head lice treatments is often the first choice for parents. Once you learn your child has lice, you may find yourself rushing to the nearest pharmacy to purchase the strongest, chemically filled lice treatment available. While this may seem like a logical solution to the problem, it may be causing more stress than you need. First, ingredients in over-the-counter lice treatments contain pesticides and other harsh chemicals that get applied to your child’s head. This means the chemicals are actually being absorbed by your child’s body, which can cause health issues. In addition to exposing your child to harmful chemicals, the lice treatments rarely work and definitely don’t work on super lice strains.

Super lice are generally the same as standard lice, but the super lice have built up an immunity to the harsh chemicals in the most popular treatments. These facts often encourage parents to seek alternative lice treatment methods.

Natural Lice Treatment

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they are using natural lice treatments. One particular effective solution is ClearLice. This lice treatment is known for its natural ingredients, fresh peppermint scent and the ability to get rid of lice in one day! It is void of pesticides and harsh chemicals and has a variety of natural products that work in combination with the treatment.

ClearLice keeps the entire family in mind, that’s why they made head lice gallon sized shampoo. There is enough to treat the entire family. You can also avoid future outbreaks by following up the lice treatment with the ClearLice repellent shampoo and conditioner. If lice show up unwanted at your holiday party and festivities, choose ClearLice to solve the problem quickly!

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