Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Lice?

Does rubbing alcohol kill lice?

Many people ask us every day “does rubbing alcohol kill lice?”, “does alcohol kill lice?” or “will rubbing alcohol kill lice?”. To know the right answer question “can rubbing alcohol kill lice“, some information about them is needed.

Picture this: It’s 10 AM and you’re at work, trying to go through your day, trying to sort out your schedule and dealing with the chaotic office environment when you get a call from your child’s school. They tell you that they have discovered lice on his or her hair and that you need to come to pick your child up right away. You desperately drop everything that you’re doing and drive to school. As you pull up to the entrance you see the face of your child who is probably feeling frustrated and ridiculed while the assistant’s secretary tells you that he or she can’t come back until you get rid of lice. You desperately call a relative or friend, hoping to get the answer to this predicament and she casually mentions that alcohol is just perfect to treat head lice as you drive to the nearest big-chain supermarket and buy a large bottle of rubbing alcohol, a pair of latex gloves and a shower cap…

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Rubbing alcohol for lice and head lice home remedies

Although we have discussed lice home remedies in several of our blog posts in the past, we have never really addressed one of the remedies we consider to be the riskiest due to its low effectiveness and the harmful side effects associated with rubbing alcohol on the scalp to kill head lice.

And while getting advice from our parents, in-laws or grandparents is a typical thing to do in these situations, parents everywhere need to be aware of the harmful side effects that certain lice home remedies may have on the body.

Now you may ask yourself, does rubbing alcohol kill lice?  We feel it is our duty to educate parents on why they should never use alcohol to treat a head lice problem; especially when there are far better options available on the market that can help you and your kids get rid of lice within 24 hours.

And it is not hard to understand why parents would be led to believe that alcohol is an effective treatment for head lice; after all, if you take a second to analyze the list of ingredients in most OTC head lice treatments, you will notice a disturbing pattern, as all of them have considerable amounts of isopropyl alcohol. But does rubbing alcohol kill head lice?

Simply put, no. We discovered that one of these famous lice home treatments involves creating a mixture of alcohol and water and putting this mixture into a large spray bottle. The bottle should then be used to spray the mixture onto the patients head. Some people suggest using a shower cap to “suffocate” the lice but anyone who knows even a tiny bit about these parasites will know that the alcohol and water combination simply does not work.

And while it is true that most over-the-counter lice treatments have an isopropyl alcohol as an ingredient, we need to consider the fact that rubbing alcohol by itself is not effective in the treatment of head lice, and most of these treatments have one or more synthetic pesticides which are typically no longer effective since lice have developed a natural resistance against these chemicals.

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The Dangers of Using Rubbing Alcohol to Kill Lice

Does rubbing alcohol kill lice?While many people`s concern is the question “does rubbing alcohol kill lice?”, the main thing to consider is the fact that isopropyl alcohol can be extremely harmful to the human skin, scalp, and hair. The most noticeable –and perhaps the most known- side effect of isopropyl alcohol in the human skin is dehydration, which can be very harmful when dealing with a head lice case as the scalp can develop bumps and even infections after being exposed to the elements. Alcohol is also known to cause allergic reactions in some patients as well as stinging, itching, hives and in some cases, inflammation.

When you think about all the harmful side effects associated with rubbing alcohol, it is not hard to see why ClearLice natural head lice treatment remains as the best option when it comes to treating head lice safely and effectively. ClearLice products are created with safety in mind and our exclusive formula is based on natural ingredients and essential oils that can help you get rid of lice within the first 24 hours.

As we can see, rubbing alcohol to kill lice is not only useless, but it can be very harmful as well. Remember that in order to get back to our normal routines, we need to rely on a product that will get rid of lice within a short period of time and ClearLice is guaranteed to help you get back to your routine within a day; minimizing the number of lost days at work and at school.

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