Does an Itchy Scalp Mean You Have Head Lice?

Is an Itchy Scalp Head Lice

Is an Itchy Scalp Head Lice

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Head lice are pesky critters that invade your home by attaching themselves to your children. Many parents have concerns that their child is not clean enough or doesn’t practice general hygiene on a daily basis. This simply is not true. Lice will infest any human scalp whether it is clean or dirty. According to Julietta Quinene, Guam Department of Education community health and nursing services administrator, children between the ages of 3 and 11 usually get lice at school or at the playground when in close proximity of another head lice infested child.

Transmitting lice from person-to-person most often involves direct contact with the hair of a person who already has head lice. Sharing items such as combs, brushes, hats, hair accessories and clothing increase the risk of getting lice. Taking selfies and snap shots together is causing lice infestations to transfer from child to child rather quickly.

Standard Head Lice Procedure

Schools have a standard procedure when it comes to a child who has lice. Since lice are not capable of flying or jumping from person-to-person, children who have lice are not always sent home in the middle of the school day. They are often given a letter to bring home that same day lice was found in their hair. Some schools will notify the parents that their child has head lice via email or a phone call.

Head lice notification usually advises parents that their child has lice and it needs to be treated for head lice before they return to school. Most school districts have a no-nit policy. This is to avoid further head lice infestation to other children. Some areas may even contact a social worker if head lice isn’t treated promptly or if the same child has numerous lice infestations throughout one school year.

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Head Lice Vigilance

Although head lice commonly affects young children in primary school, it also has the potential to infest the entire household, accept for pets. Lice are a human parasite and can’t be transferred to animals. It is highly recommended that all family members within a household remain vigilant and take lice preventative measures.

To prevent further lice infestation within the household avoid using or sharing pillows, blankets, clothing and brushes with the infected person. Conduct a search on a daily basis during the lice infestation and for 10 days afterwards. To search the scalp, wet hair and use a nit comb to separate hair into small sections and search each area thoroughly. You will want to keep an eye out for lice and nits.

What are head lice anyway?

Lice are tiny insects that resemble the look and color of a sesame seed. They are commonly found on the scalp and in the hair. Lice feed on human blood and are able to live their entire lifecycle on the scalp. Female lice lay eggs and stick them to the hair strands located close to the scalp using a sticky substance. Lice do not carry or transmit disease or bacteria.

What do you do when your child has lice?

The first reaction of parents when they learn their child has lice is pure panic! This is a natural reaction to hearing your child has bugs in their hair. But, once you calm down you will want to take action immediately by beginning a head lice treatment. As a parent, you might have went through a head lice infestation as a child. The general response was for your parents to treat lice with harsh chemically filled treatments with a ferocious odor.

While these head lice treatments were effective, they also exposed children to pesticides and chemicals that seeped into their blood stream. These chemicals have proven to be harmful to humans and at times cause negative health effects. Due to the rising concern, parents are finding alternative lice treatments to get rid of lice and nits, this includes natural lice treatments.  

Natural and Effective Lice Treatment

ClearLice is the best solution for treating head lice naturally. It eliminates lice and nits in one day, it’s safe to use, void of toxic chemicals, poisons and pesticides, it has a delightful peppermint scent and it works when others fail. You have the choice to purchase the products separately or in a kit. Products include lice treatment shampoo and lice treatment conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, lice repel shampoo and lice repel conditioner and a nit comb. These products can arrive at your door step the next day.

Get Rid of Lice in One Day

ClearLice is an excellent natural lice treatment choice because it not only has the capability to getting rid of lice and nits in one day, the product line offers a head lice repellent to use after treatment is complete. This is a safe way to help prevent lice and protect your children and family members from getting another infestation. There are not many symptoms of lice, but the most common sign is excessive itching of the scalp and neck area. If you notice your child scratching their head too often, search for lice and take action immediately.

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