Does Head Lice Always Itch? Some Sneaky Ones May Go Undetected

Does Head Lice Always Itch

Does Head Lice Always Itch

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Head Lice Treatment

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The symptoms typically associated with a head lice infestation  involve red bumps, swelling, actually seeing the lice or nits and of course –itchiness. If we asked a hundred people what is the most common symptom associated with head lice they would all say it is itchiness. And how can we blame them? The media has done a great job of portraying this stereotype to the point where it has become a cliché.

In fact, one of our clients was telling the story of when their daughter had her first case of lice: “I remember the first time our daughter brought home lice from school and my wife was in the kitchen picking out the lice one by one, I swear I could feel them in my head and I couldn’t stop scratching my own head even though I didn’t have any lice at all”.

As you can see, itchiness is typically the number one symptom associated with head lice, but does head lice always itch? In most cases the answer is yes, but you would be surprised to know that this is not always the case and that there is an exception to the rule. This can become a bit baffling when it comes to keeping an eye out for head lice infestations because we usually don’t check our children’s heads for lice unless they tell us there is something wrong. This is also one of the main reasons why we should constantly look out for lice in our children’s hair as sometimes a lice infestation may not cause the person to itch.

Having head lice and not feeling itchy is definitely a possibility. Head lice secrete a glue-like substance that many humans are allergic to. This is what causes the itching. Some people may not have this itchy reaction the sticky substance.

While head lice are not known to carry any diseases, constant scratching can create sores on the surface of the scalp and skin, when these sores are left untreated, they are exposed to airborne bacteria that can potentially turn a simple head lice condition into a major infection. This is why it is very important to treat head lice as soon as they are discovered, even if they are not itching at all. If you have children at home, it is very important to check them constantly for lice and nits as they can usually be stopped within a day and before they become an infection risk.

This is where the help of a natural lice treatment like ClearLice can really make the difference as its formula has been proven to be extremely effective when it comes to treating head lice  and nits without any of the side effects typically associated with chemical-based treatments.

Over-the-counter lice treatments have the same formula that has been used for almost a hundred years to treat pediculosis. What this means is that head lice over the years have developed an immunity or resistance against these chemical/pesticide treatments and now they are not very effective when it comes to getting rid of head lice. In fact, it is quite likely that you’ll have to use the same lice treatment several times to even begin to clear out the problem, while ClearLice has been shown to get rid of lice and nits within one day.

As we can see, most of us are familiar with the symptoms typically associated with a head lice infestation, but it should also be noted that the most common symptom –itchiness- is not always present and further preventive treatment should be taken into consideration when trying to keep your family members safe. One of the best ways to make sure your children stay lice-free is to do regular lice checks (maybe once a week) and to use a preventive treatment. Keep in mind that children will inevitably come in direct contact with other children at school and they are more likely to share head gear like baseball caps and helmets, which is why it Is always a good idea to use preventive treatments and do regular lice checks.

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