Are You in Danger of Catching Head Lice?

Are You In Danger of Catching Head Lice
Are You In Danger of Catching Head Lice
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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Head lice do not discriminate against any one specific group of people. Anyone can contract these bugs and many will have to undergo a lice treatment at some point in their lives. With that being said, there are certain individuals that are at a higher risk of becoming infested with lice than others. Read on to see the people that are most prone to contracting lice.

Clean Hair or Dirty Hair

One of the biggest head lice myths is that people with poor hygiene are more likely to contract it. Consequently, people believe if they wash their hair daily, they will not catch lice. These bugs will make their home on a clean scalp as easily as they will a dirty one. In fact, these bugs actually prefer clean hair as is allows them to move on the hair shaft to the scalp with ease. An excess amount of oil or grease on the hair may somewhat repel these bugs. Making sure you have clean hair will not prevent or get rid of head lice. A product that is specifically designed to eliminate these parasites must be used.

Girls or Boys

Statistically females are more likely to contract head lice than males are. This does not mean that lice prefer female heads, but that the heightened risk is most likely due to lifestyle, recreational activities, and habits. Girls are more likely than boys are to share personal items such as brushes, hats, and clothing. Girls also tend to engage in closer play than boys do. Boys commonly have shorter hair, this makes it more challenging for their hair to come into close contact with an infested person’s head.

Young or Old

Lice can affect people of all ages, but they are most common among children of school-going age. School-aged children are frequently in close contact with one another on a regular basis creating a favorable environment for lice to spread from one person to another. When a child is sent home from school, daycare, or camp with head lice, the entire household should be immediately checked and treated for lice.

Treating Head Lice

Although certain people are at a higher risk of contracting head lice, the process of treating lice is the same for everyone. Head lice treatment should involve a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to eliminate these bugs, followed by a  lice eliminating spray for the home and a vacuuming of the furniture and carpets. All bedding, clothing, and washable items should then be washed with a lice eliminating laundry additive. Only after a full head and home treatment is complete can an individual and household be rid of these itchy pests.


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