Most Common Places to Catch Lice

Most Common Places to Catch Lice
Most Common Places to Catch Lice
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Head lice can quietly crawl from one host to another unnoticed. So, how can we, as parents, keep our children’s heads bug free? There are several places where it may be more likely to catch head lice. Here is a list of the most frequently named places that people have contracted lice from.


The most common place for your child to catch lice is school or daycare. Groups of kids play and nap close to one another on a regular basis. They are also known to swap and mix their personal items, such as pillows, hats, and hair accessories. Lice can survive for up to 48 hours in fabrics and nits can survive for up to 10 days. It is essential to teach your child to make use of his/her cubby or locker, this way cloth items can be stored separately from other children’s belongings. If your child does catch head lice from school or daycare, other parents and teachers must be notified immediately. Your child, you, and anyone else that resides in your household should undergo a lice treatment to prevent further infestation.

Public Places

Public places such as movie theaters, air planes, and malls can be breeding grounds for lice. These bugs can burrow in the head rests of movie theater and air plane seats, and live on the fabrics of clothes and hats in department stores. Even being in close proximity to crowds of people can allow lice to crawl from one head to another. Bringing a jacket to place over the head rest of a movie theater or airplace seat can prevent a potential lice outbreak. You may want to avoid trying on hats and head coverings in crowded departments stores. Regular lice checks can be an effective way to prevent lice infestations.


Hotels and camps are not always the most cleanly. Be vigilant when sleeping away from home and check the sheets, pillows, and blankets before getting in the bed. It is also possible for kids to contract lice when sleeping over a friend’s house. Pack your child with his/her own sleeping bag and pillow to avoid sharing with friend.

Regardless of where these bugs were contracted, you must treat lice immediately to avoid furthering the spread. ClearLice can effectively stop a lice infestation with natural ingredients. ClearLice products will quickly treat the heads of all household members and the home of the infested persons without harmful side effects.

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    • Rachel says:

      Hi Tina! Yes, unfortunately lice can live off of the human head for up to 48 hours and nits (lice eggs) can live off of the human head for up to 10 days. The bugs can seek shelter in stuffed animals, furniture (including a mattress), carpets, and even car interior.

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