ClearLice Takes Head Lice Treatment To The Streets

ClearLice Takes Head Lice Treatment to the Streets

Head lice are tiny blood sucking parasites that live off of the human scalp. They are extremely common and easily spread from person to person. Being that these bugs are highly contagious, most people have had to deal with a case of head lice. Fortunately there are ways to treat lice, but not everyone has the means to purchase these treatment methods.

Those in Hardship Face Head Lice

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, over 3 million people experience homelessness in a given year. 6-12 million people contract head lice annually. Those that are poverty stricken without regular shelter and resources to keep themselves in good health are not able to treat this disease. Lice infestations can permanently plague the homeless, taking a physical and mental toll.

Taking It To The Streets Reaches Out to ClearLice

Lori and Shira are a mother and daughter team that started a non-profit organization, Taking It To The Streets, to help bring resources, such as food, water, and blankets to the people and their pets living on the street. Lori and Shira contacted CEO of ClearLice, Howard Shecter, and asked if he would donate ClearLice products to help those affected by head lice, that could not treat themselves.

ClearLice Donates Head Lice Treatment

Shecter donated gallons of treatment shampoo and conditioner as well as stainless steel nit combs and shower caps to Taking It To The Streets to help treat the homeless. “We thank them for the compassion that accompanied this donation,” said Lori, speaking on behalf of her non-profit organization. The treatment will be administered by a small church. “Our Motto is ‘Spread A Little Kindness Today’ and we work to do that every day,” said Lori.


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