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ClearLice: Quality Head Lice Treatment
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Clearlice offers the highest quality products on the market today.  There are many head lice products which are on the market today but our head lice products contain no harsh chemicals or poisons.  We created it to be safe for children to use and children love the peppermint scent that is has in it.

Our brand wins against lice where most products fail because their poisons cannot get through the hard protective exoskeleton of the lice.  Our product contains NO poisons or hard chemicals, it works mechanically with Natural botanicals, enzyme complexes,plant extracts and homeopathic ingredients mimic the molting process of head lice.

With the trouble that lice causes the person or families that it infects, there is always an easy and trouble free solution- To order the clearlice lice killer kits.  We have demonstrated in our videos on our website how lice reacts to our products.

With the schools starting all over the country this week we know that lice is at the highest peak of the season.  There are positive precautions  that a family or person can take to ensure that they or their children do not get lice this season.  You can order our repellent kit for you or your family to help prevent an outbreak in you family.  It is totally safe to use our product even if you do not have lice at the time.  In many cases when there is an outbreak in your child’s school, there is a high chance that other children in the school will get lice too- So do not be a victim of Lice.  Order our repellent kit today and if you have any questions you an email us or call us.

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