ClearLice Donation Treats Head Lice in Juarez, Mexico

ClearLice Donation Treats Lice in Mexico

ClearLice Donation Treats Lice in Mexico

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Head lice are a common condition that most have encountered at least once in their lives.  Lice are wingless insects that live in hair on a human head and feed off blood from the scalp. If head lice are left untreated, one infestation can result in several cases of lice and affect an entire community.

A Community In Need of Head Lice Treatment

The residents of Juarez, Mexico contracted head lice. This community does not have the financial resources to seek a head lice treatment formula and lice spread through the city leading to an infestation of epidemic proportions. The people were in dire need of a head lice remedy and someone to show them how to treat this disease.

Canyon Hills Friends Church Reaches Out to ClearLice

Shelley Preito Hoppe, missionary from Canyon Hills Friends Church, travels to Juarez, Mexico annually to participate in short term service trips. It was brought to Hoppe’s attention that the community’s head lice situation had worsened as compared to the number of head lice cases the year prior. Hoppe researched effective lice treatment methods to get rid of the people’s lice and came across ClearLice, a natural head lice solution.

ClearLice Donates Head Lice Treatment

When the lice situation in Juarez was made known, the CEO of ClearLice, Howard Shecter, donated several gallons of treatment formula to help the people. 200 adults and children were treated for cases of head lice. ”The ClearLice product was amazing, we treated young children and adults alike with a great success, and everyone was treated effectively ridding them of their lice without any of the common scalp irritation or burning and issues,” said Hoppe.

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Head Lice Treatment and Prevention

Hoppe wanted to make sure the people of Juarez had the tools to treat and prevent head lice in case of future infestations. She educated them on the spread of lice and what to do once it was contracted. Individual kits of ClearLice formula with instructions on how to use them were put together and given to the people before the mission ended. “I did not want to go to Juarez and feed them fish I wanted to teach them to be fishermen. I wanted to go and teach prevention by showing them how to treat and keep treating this ongoing problem,” Hoppe explained.

ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Success

The people of Juarez were cleared of all cases of head lice and now equipped with the information and treatment products to maintain a lice-free community.  Hoppe reached out to ClearLice upon her return from Mexico, “Thank you Howard and the team at ClearLice for your willingness to be generous!”

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