ClearLice is a Bargain

ClearLice is a Bargain

ClearLice is a Bargain

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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With school-aged children comes many challenges, but none are more annoying than having to deal with head lice. Head lice are naturally occurring insects that find their way onto the heads of small children. They are tiny and nearly impossible to see if not actually looking for them, but it is important that you find the right treatment option quickly in order to get rid of head lice before they spread too far.

Contrary to popular belief, lice only spread through direct contact with someone or, less often, something that contains head lice. Because these insects cannot jump or fly, their only method of transportation is by crawling, which is made easier through direct contact. Many schools have banned signs of affection that require heads to be nearer to one another for this very reason, but with the recent rise in group selfie photos, head lice have found it easier to invade more and more young students.

Most school districts have a no-nit policy when it comes to head lice. Because of the quick-spreading nature of these creatures, it is vital that they are treated quickly and effectively before they make their way through the schools.

Luckily, there are many treatment options available to parents with children suffering from head lice. There are over-the-counter treatments and natural treatments that will work to get rid of lice and nits. Some treatments are better than others at removing head lice and nits, but you have to find what option works best for you.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

When parents find out that their child is coming home with their backpack full of homework and their head full of lice, many of them make their way to their local Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart to buy whatever $20 over-the-counter lice treatment they can find. They often think that these treatments are the fastest, most convenient and most effective. They are wrong.

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Actually, recent research supports the notion that these over-the-counter treatments may actually be harmful to children. The chemicals and pesticides often used in these treatments could have potentially detrimental effects on the development of children who use them. While it is unlikely that these effects would happen with just one use, it is still a possibility.

In addition to their danger, these products are actually quite ineffective as well. Lice have a tendency to adapt quickly to changing stimuli in order to survive. That being said, they have adapted somewhat quickly over the past few decades so that they are no longer affected by the chemicals and pesticides that are used in the over-the-counter treatments. They will not be removed by these products, so spending the $20 on them would be a waste. There are better products available to you that make spending $20 worthwhile.


After the research surfaced about over-the-counter treatments becoming ineffective in treating head lice, many companies began investing time and money into finding natural ways to treat head lice. ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL is one of those companies. They have created a line of natural lice treatment and prevention products. For about the same price you would have paid for the over-the-counter, chemically ridden alternative, you can use a product that is both safe and effective.

ClearLice shampoos and conditioners are SLS and pesticide-free. Instead, they use a unique combination of natural enzymes in order to breakdown head lice and nits, making them easier to remove with a lice comb. These peppermint-scented products are priced around $20 each, and they work faster and better than the leading over-the-counter brand.

In addition, ClearLice also has  natural lice treatment products that protect your home and linens from falling victim to head lice. ClearLice laundry additive and household spray are available to use on your linens, towels, furniture, etc. in order to prevent lice from invading everywhere. Each of these products is around $20 as well, and they will help protect you from other lice outbreaks within your home.

ClearLice is a bargain compared to the agony you will experience while trying to use other lice treatment products. ClearLice is the superior choice.


ClearLice may seem like a more expensive alternative to the over-the-counter brands available to you, you need to consider what it is you’re actually paying for. You’re paying for a lice treatment, yes, but you’re also paying for peace of mind. With over-the-counter treatments, you’ll always worry if they did some sort of damage to your child or if they worked at all in removing lice and nits from your child. With ClearLice, the results are obvious and fast. You can trust that ClearLice worked to alleviate your child’s head of lice without having to question whether or not it is safe.

Do your child and yourself a favor, and try ClearLice today. You’ll be lice-free tomorrow!

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