Chemical Resistant Lice Still Fear Natural Ingredients

Why chemical products damage my hair?

You may have heard the news, mutant lice exist! This strain of lice sounds scary, but they still look and behave the same as standard lice. Mutant lice, also referred to as super lice have become resistant to chemical ingredients in common lice treatments. This resistance has resulted in popular lice treatments being ineffective. Parents have become disappointed and have begun to seek natural solutions for preventing lice.

Lice and Mutant Lice

Both strains are human parasites that feed on human blood to survive. They spend their entire life cycle on a human host and often spread to others. Female lice lay eggs and attach them to hair strands located towards the scalp using a sticky self-created substance that acts as glue.

How did lice become resistant to chemicals?

According to Dr. Kyong Yoon, a researcher at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, current research revealed 104 out of 109 lice populations that were tested contained high levels of gene mutations, which are directly linked to resistance to pyrethroids. The study also revealed consistent use of chemicals on lice allow these pesky critters to eventually develop resistance. There are already 25 states that have the mutant lice strains, including California, Texas and Florida.

Natural Lice Treatments

While chemical ingredients don’t work any longer on mutant lice, they are still vulnerable to natural lice treatments such as ClearLice. Natural lice treatments are newer to the market compared to chemical lice treatments that have been around for centuries. Lice simply haven’t had a chance to build up resistance to natural ingredients, and since there are a variety of natural recourses available that get rid of lice and nits, the lice may never be able to build resistance. Ultimately, this provides parents of children with lice a dependable go-to natural remedy.

Natural Ingredients vs. Chemical Ingredients

It’s well known that the chemical ingredients in lice treatments have extreme odor, cause chemical burns to the skin, and health problems in some children. If you really think about it, using a chemical lice treatment is similar to spraying your child with pesticides you use on your lawn. It’s simply not healthy since these harsh chemicals are actually created to destroy and kill pests.

Natural lice treatment, like ClearLice is void of pesticides and harsh chemicals. It even has a fresh peppermint scent that is subtle enough for you and your child to actually enjoy. ClearLice not only gets rid of lice, it is capable of getting rid of lice and nits in just one day and even offers a lice repellent shampoo and a lice repellent conditioner to use afterwards. There is no irritation or harmful ingredients. It is even safe to use after you have tried all others.

How do you know if the lice are mutant or standard?

The only way to tell the difference between mutant and standard lice is through testing, which is usually conducted by researchers and scientists in the field. Since the resistant lice strain has already made it to 25 states in America, it is safe to assume all 50 states will be effected soon. Instead of wondering or guessing if your child has the mutant or standard lice strain, it is safer to assume its mutant. This way you are already using the correct lice treatment. If you guess and treat the lice as standard, and they turn out to be mutant, you will waste time and money.

Head Lice Prevention

You can teach your children about lice and things they can do to prevent a lice infestation. Your child will want to avoid head-to-head contact with others as well as avoid sharing personal items such as hats, scarfs, coats, brushes, combs and hair accessories. Also if your child has long hair, you will want to put it in a bun or braid it to prevent it from touching others. Unfortunately, children with long hair are at higher risk of getting a lice infestation.

Keeping Lice Away

Once you have experienced one lice infestation, you are certain you don’t want to repeat the situation. Dealing with lice, no matter which treatment option you choose, is tiresome. You spend plenty of time combing through your child’s hair removing the lice and nits. If you happen to be one of the unlucky people, your entire household can get lice at the same time! This is why it is so important to keep lice away for good.

ClearLice makes it easier for parents by providing a wide range of natural products including lice treatment shampoo and conditioner, repel shampoo and conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray and stainless steel nit combs. You can choose to purchase the products individually, by the gallon or in convenient kits such as jumbo size, family size and single size. Make ClearLice your natural lice treatment and set your worries aside when it comes to chemical resistant mutant lice.

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