Can Head Lice be Avoided?

Can Head Lice Be Avoided

A head lice infestation can be irksome and frustrating. It takes time and determination to remove lice and nits from your head and home. There are prevention methods that you can learn to avoid contracting head lice in the first place.

No Sharing Personal Items

One of the best ways to avoid getting head lice is by not sharing your personal belongings. Many think that these insects leap or fly from one head to another; however, lice cannot jump or fly, only crawl on to the head of a new host. Sharing items such as brushes, hats, and bedding may allow lice to spread to others. Mature lice can survive for up to 48 hours and lice eggs (nits) can survive for up to 10 days off of the human head and on personal belongings. The next person that uses the lice infested item can contract lice.  Make sure all family members and friends do not swap their individual items.

Avoid Close Contact 

Children are the most vulnerable to head lice because they typically participate in close physical recreational activities. This allows the lice to crawl with ease from one child’s head to another. Simply hugging another child can be the cause of catching head lice. Educate your kids on how these bugs are spread, so contracting lice may be avoided.

Take Precaution

If you or your child gets head lice you will want to take preventative measures to stop these pests from spreading to others. You should wash bedding, soft toys, hair brushes, hats, clothes, and thoroughly vacuum carpets and furniture. ClearLice makes natural head lice treatment and repellent products that include a laundry additive and home spray that gets rid of lice and nits burrowed in fabric items.

ClearLice Repellent Products

A natural preventative product such as ClearLice can help prevent you or your child from becoming infested with these creepy crawlers. The gentle shampoo can be used on your child’s head daily and the leave-in conditioner can be misted over the hair to create a protective shield. These products contain peppermint oil which lice do not like the scent of. This makes them less likely to choose you as their new host.

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