Lice Can Fly

Lice Can Fly
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Lice Can Fly


Head Lice Prevention

Single Size Lice Prevention Kit

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Traveling by plane can be stressful for many; there is the packing of all necessary suit case items and making sure of prompt arrival, not to mention the potential delays, connecting flights, and the dreaded middle seat. People are exposed to sickness and disease when seated in close quarters with one another and now you can add head lice to one of those contractible ailments.

Can you Catch Head Lice on an Airplane?

While catching head lice on an airplane is not a typical incidence, it is a possibility since mature lice can live for up to 48 hours off of the human head and lice eggs (nits) can live for up to 10 days off of the human head. The bugs can burrow in carpets and furniture. Head lice can be transferred from a passenger’s head or clothing and remain on the plane seat.

Most planes fly between two to eight trips per day, depending on the size of the airplane and the distance of the desired destination. A plane can take up to sixteen flights in just two days. This can mean that more than a dozen people may have sat in the seat before it was assigned to you.

Statistically around 6 to 12 million people contract head annually. Is there a way to protect ourselves from these creepy crawlers and prevent a potential head lice infestation?

Can You Prevent Catching Head Lice On An Airplane?

You can protect yourself from contracting a head lice infestation by using lice repellent products. ClearLice has a line of natural head lice repellent products, including shampoo and a leave-in spray conditioner. The shampoo is safe to use daily and is gentle for a child’s delicate scalp. The leave-in conditioner should be lightly misted on the hair to form a protective shield. It is scented with natural peppermint, which lice inherently do not like the smell of. The mint leaf’s oil repels the bugs from attaching to the hair shaft, greatly reducing the risk of an infestation.

Using ClearLice repellent shampoo and conditioner is also highly recommended during the peak season of lice outbreaks. This occurs around August, when school begins. It is important to take precaution and use the products on your children when you are going to be in the company of a large amount of people, especially small children. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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