What Parents Need to Know about Head Lice

Head lice are an extremely common issue that affects 6-12 million children in the United States yearly. Head lice do not discriminate, they can make their home on anyone’s head that has hair for them to grasp on to. Hygiene has nothing to do with head lice. Lice will crawl onto any head, no matter if the hair is clean or dirty.

Luckily, head lice are not dangerous – but they are quite the nuisance. Head lice can be treated from the comfort of your own home, but it is important that an effective and safe treatment is used to treat those infested.


What exactly are head lice?

Head lice are little parasites about the side of a sesame seed (2-3 mm long). The color of their bodies can vary, but they are usually light gray to brown. A single bug is called a louse and the collection of bugs are referred to as lice.

Head lice grasp onto the hair atop the head and feed off small amounts of blood from the scalp. Head lice can live for up to 48 hours off of the head without a food source.

Head lice lay eggs and attach their eggs with a glue-like substance to the hair shaft close to the scalp. Head lice eggs are referred to as nits. They are about the size of a poppy seed (0.8 mm long and 0.3 mm wide). They are usually clear to white in color and may be difficult to spot in the hair. Nits are often confused with dandruff; however, dandruff are not as difficult to remove from the hair as nits are.


The Head Lice Life Cycle

Head lice have a lifespan of about 30 days and they develop in 3 stages: egg/nit, nymph, and adult louse.

  • Eggs (nits) hatch within 7-10 days and are attached by an adult louse with a sticky substance to the hair shaft close to scalp.
  • Nymphs look like adults bugs, but are smaller (about 1.5 mm). Nymphs mature into adult bugs about 7 days after they hatch.
  • Adult louse is a mature bug that can reproduce. A female louse can lay up to 10 eggs per day. It takes about 12-14 days for newly hatched eggs to reach the stage of adulthood.

If head lice are left untreated, they will not go away. Lice will continue to reproduce and the life cycle will continue, until all bugs are eggs are eliminated from the hair.


How Common are Head Lice?

 Head lice are very common. In fact, it is unusual for children of school-going age to not get head lice at least once in their lives. Six to twelve million children in the United States contract a case of head lice per year!


How Do Lice Spread?

Contrary to popular belief head lice cannot jump or fly. They make their way from head to head by quickly crawling. Head lice are mainly spread through direct head-to-head contact, but lice can also be spread through indirect means, like shared blankets/pillows/sleeping bags, clothing, or hair accessories.


What are the Symptoms of Head Lice?

An itchy scalp is the most common symptom of a head lice infestation, but it could take up to 6 weeks for people infested with lice to experience this itching. Itching most commonly occurs behind the ears and at the nape of the neck.

It is also not uncommon for the head to itch after you have rid the head of head lice. The scalp can become dried out and irritated from previous lice bites, lice treatment formula, and nit combing.


How to check for Head Lice?

It is important to do regular lice checks if you have children of school-going age.


To perform a lice check:

  1. Have you child sit under a bright light or even outside in natural light.
  2. Part the hair with a fine tooth comb.
  3. Separate the hair into small sections and search for crawling bugs and tiny eggs.
  4. Live bugs will crawl quickly throughout the hair, so keep an eye out for movement.
  5. The nits (eggs) are poppy seed sized and will be white to yellowish in color. They are firmly attached to the hair shaft and hard to remove. Make sure to not confuse these with dandruff, which is much easier to remove. .


How is Head Lice Treated?

There are many different routes for treating a head lice infestation. Many people choose to go to the store and purchase over-the-counter lice treatments, like Rid or Nix. Other people choose to use home remedies, like oils or an all natural treatment specifically for lice. There are also prescription medications available.

Over-the-counter treatment like Rid or Nix may be ineffective against treating some lice infestations. Lice have grown immune to the chemicals contained in these products due to decades of overuse. These products may not eliminate your infestation.

Home remedies, like olive oil and mayonnaise operate as suffocating agents. They are most effective when applied to the head and left for several hours or overnight and covered with a shower cap. This method may suffocate the adult lice, but it will have no effect on the eggs. The eggs will need to combed out and nit picked from the hair.

Head lice medications can be prescribed from a doctor. The medications tend to run more on the expensive side and they do contain chemicals. It is possible that lice may be immune to the chemicals contained in these products.

The safest and most effective route for treating a lice infestation is getting a natural lice products void of chemicals that is specifically to designed to eliminate both lice and nits. Lice cannot become immune to natural ingredients.

Disturbing Results Link Head Lice Chemical to Childhood Behavior Problems

Battling a lice infestation with your child is difficult enough. However, new and disturbing results make this common childhood problem even more concerning for parents. In research published by the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine, there appears to be a link between elevated levels of pyrethoids (found in many chemical-based lice treatments) in children and atypical behaviors in children that are signs of neurodevelopmental abnormalities.

What are pyrethoids?

Insecticides, and associated controversies, have been around for decades. Pyrethoids are common ingredients of head lice treatments and some formulas of mosquito repellents. These synthetic chemicals target the nerves of insects and are potentially fatal to the insects in certain doses and combinations with other ingredients.

Known by the generic name of Permethrin, many common chemical based over-the-counter head lice treatments include this ingredient. It is often in the form of a cream rinse, both attacking the nervous system of adult lice and negatively affecting the development of the lice eggs.

What does the research say about pyrethoids?

head lice chemicalsThe recent study published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine shows a correlation between the use of pyrethoids and a range of behavioral issue noted in children. This study is preliminary, but aligns with other research that looks at the connections between pesticide exposures and health issues in toddlers through adolescents, including instances of ADHD, pediatric cancer, and atypical/abnormal mental and behavioral development.

The focus of the Occupational & Environmental Medicine study was the behavior measurement of children at 6 years of age exposed to pyrethoids during development from the stages of their mothers’ pregnancy through age 6. Researchers measured the levels of five different pyrethoid metabolites in the urine of expectant mothers and then in the urine of those children up to age 6 to determine if any links exist between exposure and neurodevelopment abnormalities.

Approximately 300 women were involved in the study, and the research included psychologists visiting the homes of these families to assess behaviors of the children, take samples from the home of air quality/dust, and take urine samples from the study participants. The behavior studies examined characteristics and qualities such as:

  • The social skills of the children
  • The abilities of the children to communicate problems and request help
  • Evidence of defiance and disruptive behaviors

Of the five different prethoid metabolites tested for in the mothers and children, three of them were the most prevalent.

  • trans-DCCA
  • cis-DBCA
  • cis-DCCA

Depending upon the pyrethoid most noticeable in the urine of the test subjects, the results ranged from increased risks of having lower than average social skills for 6-year-olds to higher incidences of defiant and disruptive behaviors.

The overall results showed that those children who tested positive for the highest levels of pyrethoids in their urine were more likely to have atypical behaviors – as much as three times more abnormal – than noted in children with statistically low measurements in their systems. Analysis by researchers concluded that neurochemical changes in the brain could be linked with pyrethoid exposure.

What do I need to know before treating my child for head lice?

Yes – these finding can be unnerving for parents. The findings of this recent studies and others looking at the effects of pyrethoids on the health of children are not conclusive enough to make definitive changes across the insecticide board. While there is a correlation, it is still unknown whether or not the pyrethoids cause the conditions, such as ADHD, or whether those children who have high levels of pyrethoids and behavior issues have another common trait responsible for the latter.

treat children for head lice

So – what is a parent to do? One of the most important and valuable things a parent can do when treating a child for head lice is to be aware of the treatment options. This includes being aware of the concerns which are connected to ingredients and creams, including Permethrin.

Estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are that as many as 12 million children are affected by head lice each year in the United States. The numbers are even higher in some other parts of the world. To treat these large numbers of individuals affected by head lice, the pharmaceutical market produces an array of OTC treatments and some prescription options. While these are options for some families, it is important to note two things:

  • There is increasing evidence of resistance to these chemical insecticides, rendering them less effective and requiring them in increased amounts.
  • There are other options.

What are the other options?

You can take a combined approach that uses a nit comb, lubricants to smother the lice, shampoos with natural ingredients to treat infestations, and follow-up steps to prevent further infestations. And all of this can be done without the use of chemicals such as pyrethoids.

nit comb against liceA nit comb grabs the lice eggs, which are attached to the shafts of hair with a strong glue-like substance, and helps you gently pull these from your child’s hair.

A good nit comb should be made with very small grooves to catch the nits and of a material that will withstand the usage and cleaning necessary (such as stainless steel). Natural oils such as coconut can act as a smothering agent to kill or at least slow down the lice during treatment.

For treatment options that stay away from the harsh chemical ingredients like pyrethoids, look for products such as ClearLice products that use a combination of natural enzymes. The unique formula of ClearLice products attacks lice and nits quickly – and efficiently – and does not leave you with the worry associated with potentially dangerous chemicals. The use the properties of essential oils, botanicals, and other natural ingredients to ward attack the adult lice and reduce the nit populations.

These types of products are also more environmentally-friendly than those such as Permethrin, and are safe to use around your pets as well. Preventative treatment products, also free of the harsh chemicals, can help to limit the need for future head lice treatments.

Treating your child for head lice is one of those parenting activities that might not be enjoyable, but just must be done. However, you do not have to add on the extra worry of treating your child with potentially damaging chemicals. From initial treatments to preventative measures, and steps in between such as washing the bedding, look for options that get the job done and let you sleep more peacefully at night.

Sophie and her ClearLice Experience

Here at ClearLice we love hearing the stories of how our products have helped other people to get rid of lice; especially when they have tried other products before as we can get the chance to hear just how effective our products are and how much they can help people in their own personal battles against head lice. One of the cases that moved us the most came to us recently from a little girl named Sophie who lives in the Midwest. She had been struggling with a recurring head lice problem and her mom and dad had tried pretty much every product they could get before they found out about ClearLice.

When we say that this case really moved us- it is because in her letter, Sophie’s mom had described to us how frustrating it was to get their hopes up when they tried a new product and how disappointing it was for them to find out that most of these treatments are not effective at all. The fact that head lice have developed an immunity against most of the products you can find at pharmacies and convenience stores made her search for the right product very difficult. And this is perhaps the reason she was hesitant to try our products at first “When I first heard about ClearLice, I have to confess I was not very convinced about the effectiveness of their products. All this time we were lead to believe that all-natural products are not very helpful when it comes to dealing with head lice but we have to say we were pleasantly surprised with ClearLice” said Sophie’s mom when we asked her about her experience with our products.

After all, we have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry to believe that natural products are a thing of the past, but what we fail to realize is that these products have been used for centuries because they simply work, with no side effects and without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Sophie herself was also starting to get frustrated because she had been sent home from school several times, the fact that the teacher told the classroom that there was a head lice outbreak at school made the entire situation extremely uncomfortable for her because children can be extremely cruel. Sophie ended up missing two weeks of school due to this problem because obviously the school wouldn’t accept her back while she still had the head lice.

Sophie’s parents were starting to get extremely frustrated and even considered shaving her hair off; an experience that can be devastating to a young girl. Fortunately, they found out about ClearLice right before they had to take this drastic decision “I ended up finding out about ClearLice through the school staff, the assistant principal told us about a school she had worked at before and how they got rid of the problem almost immediately using ClearLice’s line of products. We went on the website and ordered the Single Size Lice Treatment Kit and we had it shipped overnight”. Sophie’s parents were extremely delighted with the results they were able to obtain when using our products. “We noticed the difference almost immediately. With other products we had used it felt like were hurting Sophie by using all these chemicals on her hair and scalp, but from the moment you open a bottle of ClearLice you notice a more natural smell, you can tell right away that this is a natural product”.

Sophie also noticed the effects of ClearLice right away, her parents reported that she was able to go back to her school within 24 hours as the head lice were gone after the first day! “I will forever recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from head lice, we tried every product out there and nothing even comes close to ClearLice, we are extremely satisfied with this product and the customer service we received from this amazing company” said Sophie’s dad in the touching letter that they sent to us.

Do you have a similar story that you would like to share with us? We love hearing customer feedback and nothing is more valuable to us than a satisfied customer. If you’d like to share your story with us please contact us at [email protected]


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ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Works, Guaranteed

After using some of the well-known shampoos that are specifically designed to treat head lice, the bugs can still re-infest. Most of these shampoos contain harsh chemicals that will only kill the living lice. Natural head lice remedies, like ClearLice, have the ability to treat head lice by killing the live bugs and nits (lice eggs) and are safe to use even on the most sensitive scalps.

No Chemicals

Pediculicides treat lice, but not nits. Most over-the-counter head lice treatments are unable to kill nits and most live lice have built up resistance to the chemicals that they contain.These chemical treatments can cause skin irritation, itchy and watery eyes, and breathing related problems. Pesticides in lice treatments have also been linked to different types of cancers, and can cause thyroid and pituitary gland issues. Your child’s safety should take priority when choosing a lice treatment product. Natural head lice treatment methods are safe and gentle for your child and do not contain chemicals or pesticides.

ClearLice is a Natural Head Lice Treatment

Natural head lice remedies do not have dangerous side effects.  Lice cannot develop immunity to homeopathic ingredients. The recipes that natural remedies for head lice use are designed to treat live lice and nits. ClearLice contains peppermint oil and neem oil which is used to remove and repel head lice. Enzyme proteins found in ClearLice penetrate the shells of the lice and nits killing them and preventing them from multiplying.  ClearLice products also repair the damage to the hair and scalp that lice cause. The coconut oil found in ClearLice moisturizes the head and the tea tree oil soothes irritation caused by lice bites.

Why is ClearLice the Best Head Lice Treatment Option?

The safest and most effective way to treat head lice is to use a natural, toxin free, and pesticide free head lice treatment. Shampoos that use chemicals to treat lice may be harmful to your child’s health. What you put on your child’s head gets absorbed into the body through the skin. ClearLice uses ingredients that are found in nature to eliminate and repel lice and nits. ClearLice can get rid of lice and nits in one day and help prevent the bugs from returning. Don’t risk the health of your child by using toxic lice treatment products to remove lice. Choose a natural treatment that is guaranteed to get rid of lice and nits safely.


How ClearLice Worked for Me: A Mother’s Account

One of the worst experiences I’ve had as a mother came when my daughter got sent home from school with head lice. At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about head lice removal, and I must have looked into every head lice treatment option under the sun. Of all those treatments, ClearLice seemed to be by far the safest and most effective, so I decided to go with that. It worked wonders on both my daughter and my other two children, eliminating the pests for good.

 The Most Effective Alternative

Wanting to go for something that was inexpensive but effective, I first tried a store brand head lice removal shampoo. This head lice treatment seemed to work at first, but it turns out that some lice are resistant to the typical chemicals used to kill these pests. Moreover, the treatment didn’t get rid of all the nits, meaning that within a short amount of time the lice returned to pester my children again. I chose ClearLice because it worked in a different way than most other head lice treatment options. Instead of just using more powerful chemicals to kill the lice, this treatment erodes their protective outer shell and makes sure they and their eggs both die quickly and cleanly.

Safety Concerns

Whenever I looked at a head lice removal option, the first thing I checked was to make sure it was safe for my kids. Unfortunately, many head lice treatment products use strong chemicals that can kill the parasites but these aren’t something I wanted to expose my kids to. ClearLice won me over thanks to a lot of glowing reviews from other moms who had found that it worked effectively and with no side effects. The treatment isn’t harmful to the eyes or the skin, and it doesn’t have a lot of the more abrasive chemicals that some other products contain. The ingredients are all natural, meaning I didn’t have to worry about exposing my kids to something I’d regret later on.

Removing Lice in the Home

Once my kids were clear of the parasites, my head lice removal quest was only halfway done. Like most insects, lice lay a lot of eggs, and those eggs can spread throughout the home. I was very happy that ClearLice also has head lice treatment options that work on carpets and furniture, allowing me to make sure the lice would never come back. As with their other products, these treatments were free of harsh chemicals and safe to use around my kids and pets. I am very happy that I found ClearLice because it allowed me to navigate the parental nightmare that is a case of head lice with ease.

I have done my research on head lice treatment options, and I have tried various head lice removal products myself. I highly recommend ClearLice because it was able to help me and my family immediately and without the sort of long-term health concerns that other lice removal products tend to have.