Special Enzymes break open the shells of lice & nits, they cannot survive without their shells

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NATURAL REPEL SHAMPOO & LEAVE IN CONDITIONER, keeping your child lice free
Once you get rid of lice you never want them back, Clearlice lice repel kit is the best insurance to keep the lice away.
Made with Natural Ingredients with a great lavender smell keeps hair healthy and shiny, but the lice can’t tolerate it and stay away.

ClearLice 12 Month Warranty

Purchase one of our Lice Treatment Kits and you will receive the ClearLice Warranty. The ClearLice Warranty Guarantees you will stay Lice Free for 12 Months. If you ever have Lice again within 12 months, we will send you up to 3 bottles of Lice Shampoo (a $100 Value) for Free.

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Study’s show that Super Lice can’t tolerate Certain Enzymes

ClearLice is the Natural Treatment that contains these Special Enzymes that open the shells of Lice & Nits.

They CANNOT Survive Without Their Shells

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Clearlice products are manufactured in a certified FDA lab in the USA.
We use the most Expensive, Highest Quality, Natural Ingredients from around the World

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