Are Head Lice Stronger?

Stronger Head Lice

Parents are stressed out enough about head lice in general, but when you add in the “super” or “mutant” term, it makes parents squirm for sure! Whether it is the standard lice strain or the resistant lice strain, you need to take action right away! But first, you need to know what type of lice you are dealing with and the necessary steps to get rid of lice and nits quickly so your child can return to school.

Standard Head Lice

Head lice are human parasites that live on the scalp and hair strands. They spend their entire life cycle, from nit to adult, on the human head. These tiny pests resemble the size and color of a sesame seed. Female lice lay their eggs and use a self-produced sticky substance to adhere their eggs or nits to the hair strands until they hatch. Lice feed off of human blood and have the ability to move quickly but can’t jump or fly. These quick moving parasites are often able to crawl quickly onto another human source.

Super Lice and Mutant Lice

Super lice and mutant lice are one in the same. The terms refer to a strain of lice that have built up resistance to the harsh chemical ingredients in popular over-the-counter lice treatments. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Southern Illinois University conducted a study that produced results of 32 locations throughout the United States and Canada having genetic mutations linked with resistance to common insecticide compounds such as permethrin and pyrethrins, which are used in ingredients of over-the-counter lice treatments.

How do lice spread?

Frantic parents often wonder how their child gets lice. These parasites generally spread via head-to-head contact. Primary school age children spend most of their school day in the classroom and on the playground in close proximity to each other. Although any child can get lice whether they are a boy or girl, it is often the children with long hair that easily experience a head lice infestation. This is because while playing outdoors or standing to close to a classmate allows these fast moving pests to crawl onto long hair and make its way to the scalp.

Preventing Head Lice

Yes. There are a variety of things you can do to prevent your child from getting lice. First you will want to explain to your child what lice are and how they can get a lice infestation. Then you will want to provide them with head lice prevention tips including avoiding sharing clothes, brushes, combs, hair accessories and cellphones with classmates and friends.

An essential lice prevention tip is to avoid head-to-head contact. The selfie picture craze has allowed easy access for lice to spread from each child at a rapid pace. Children enjoy taking pictures together which makes anywhere from 2 to 7 students or more have head-to-head contact at one time. Teaching your child how to pose for a picture without placing their head against their friends, or avoiding it altogether, will help prevent lice infestations from spreading.

Head Lice Diagnosis and Head Lice Treatment

Parents usually find out their child has lice from their child’s school or from a fellow parent. Sometimes parents find the pests on their child’s scalp on their own. Whichever way you find out your child has lice, don’t panic. These pesky parasites don’t transmit or carry bacteria or disease. If you are not sure of the diagnosis you can visit your child’s pediatrician or primary physician for confirmation.

Lice treatment has become a taboo subject among parents. The discussion often becomes heated because some parents prefer the over-the-counter lice treatment that is filled with strong chemicals, while others prefer a natural approach to getting rid of lice and nits. The debate is whether to expose your child to harsh chemicals or not.

The harsh chemicals in common over-the-counter lice treatment also seep into your child’s blood stream, which can cause health issues in some children. In addition to exposing your child to pesticides, poisons and strong chemicals, the super lice have become immune to the ingredients and it doesn’t have an effect on lice anyway.

Parents are flocking to ClearLice which is a natural lice treatment and it is effective for all strains of lice, including super lice! ClearLice can get rid of lice and nits in just one day! It is void of pesticides, poisons and harsh chemicals. It has natural ingredients and a delightful, light peppermint scent. You can choose from a variety of products such as lice treatment shampoo and conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, lice repel shampoo and conditioner and stainless steel nit combs.

ClearLice thinks of everything and provides you with the opportunity to purchase items individually, by the gallon or in convenient kits such as family size, single size and jumbo size. Plus it all gets delivered to your front door the next day! ClearLice works when all others fail, so make it your first choice today!

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