5 Easy Steps to End Head Lice in One Day

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Step 1: Wash Hair with ClearLice Shampoo and Warm Water

You should use enough ClearLice Shampoo to cover the hair and scalp with a good lather. Usually between 1-3 oz will be enough depending on the length and thickness of the hair being treated. Be sure to include areas around the ears and the neck. After the hair is fully lathered from the scalp to the ends of the hair, cover the head with the shower cap (included with product purchase). You should wait 40 minutes and then rinse both the hair and shower cap with warm water.

REPEAT the shampoo process and again cover the head with the shower cap and wait 20 minutes. Once time is up, rinse the hair and shower cap and towel dry the entire head.

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Step 2: Use ClearLice Conditioner

Massage ClearLice Conditioner into the scalp and hair. Make sure to include the areas around the ears and neck. DO NOT RINSE this out. Let the conditioner sit on the head for 5 minutes.

Step 3: IMPORTANT! Comb Thoroughly.

First, use a regular clean plastic comb to detangle the hair and separate it into manageable sections; the longer and thicker the hair is, the more sections there should be.

Next, use the ClearLice Stainless Steel Comb to comb through each of the separated sections. Comb from the scalp to the very end of the hair shaft to remove the dead lice, nits, and broken shell pieces. Rinse and wipe the nit comb clean with a dry towel upon completing the combing of each section.

Re-apply ClearLice Conditioner as needed. Go through each section thoroughly with the ClearLice nit comb until the hair and scalp are free of nits, lice, and shells.

Check Hair and Scalp

If you still see any remaining lice and nits, repeat the ClearLice Shampoo process for an additional 15 minutes. After that repeat Steps, 2 and 3 until all nits, lice, and shells have been removed from the hair and scalp. Rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly with warm water and blow dry.

Step 4: Use ClearLIce Enzyme Laundry Additive

Add ClearLice Enzyme Laundry Additive according to the label instructions using the warm water setting on your washing machine. Wash all exposed clothing, bedding, and towels, and place in the dryer for at least 45 minutes.

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Step 5: Use ClearLice Household Spray

Use ClearLice Household Spray to lightly mist every surface that cannot be laundered, including furniture, pillows, curtains, drapes, bed coverings, and even the interior surface of your car. Allow this to dry and then vacuum each surface thoroughly. Empty the vacuum (or dispose of the bag) outside immediately to avoid a re-infestation.

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