3 Tips to Stop The Spread of Lice in Your Home

3 Tips to Stop Lice
3 Tips to Stop Lice
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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Parasitic insects like nits, and head lice develop thick exoskeletons over time. It is these hard exoskeletons that allow head lice to build up a natural immunity against the medicine’s ability to kill them. This makes it difficult for parents to treat head lice. The only effective remedy for head lice and nits is one that acts before the parasites can multiply.

ClearLice works in minutes, melting nit glue and eradicating head lice fast. ClearLice is an all-natural product that works to kill lice without harsh chemicals or sulfates. Parents can safely apply repeated head lice treatments if their child becomes infested with hair lice. Everyone can get rid of lice in one easy application with ClearLice.

Here are three more useful tips and home remedies for head lice treatment and prevention:

  • Separate each family member’s comb. Using a comb once its infested with hair lice will quickly spread the pest.
  • Cut the infested hair short. Short hair for head lice is not ideal to hide in or complete their growth cycle.
  • Closely follow the directions of any lice shampoo and lice treatment product. Adding vinegar after shampooing can help remove lice eggs.

The human body comes in contact with millions of germs and parasites every day and is unavoidable in most cases. They’re almost impossible to see and the way a parasite attaches itself to a host is usually imperceptible.

There are many products available for head lice treatment but how can someone be sure the product is safe and effective? Certain kinds of head lice are immune to the harsh chemicals used in most lice shampoos. “Moderately hazardous” chemicals are found in many lice killing products and are not safe for children.

ClearLice is all-natural and works in minutes to get rid of lice and their eggs in the first application.