Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Treats lice & nits
No poisons, pesticides, or harsh chemicals
Natural peppermint scent

ClearLice – Head Lice Treatment Shampoo (Treats One Person)

ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Shampoo is a natural option for treating lice infestations, using ingredients that come from botanicals, essential oils, and other gentle yet effective sources. The ingredients combine in a powerful way to fight against lice infestations, whether at the egg stage of development (known as nits), or at the adult stage of lice life.

The shampoo breaks down the bodies of the lice and prevents them from being able to lay new eggs. It also loosens the tacky glue that lice use to make their eggs cling to the shafts of hair (which is why standard shampoos just cannot eradicate the nit problem).

ClearLice treatment shampoo is the best lice treatment shampoo on the market, not only because it effectively targets and treats lice infestations at these stages of development, but because it can do so without the risks that other treatment options pose. The special combination of ingredients are free of poisons and harsh chemicals, and leave hair with a fresh, natural, peppermint scent from the essential oils.

ClearLice Treatment Shampoo Includes:

1- lice and nit remover shampoo 8oz. bottle

How Does ClearLice Treatment Shampoo Removes Lice and Nits?

ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Shampoo breaks down the physical bodies of lice to prevent them from laying eggs and maturing.

  • Homeopathic additives and enzyme complexes work to destroy the lice at the skeletal level.

  • Continued use of the shampoo as directed after this process starts helps ensure that the lice are completely destroyed and nits do not survive.

  • The product is safe for kids as well as adults – and effective for both.

  • Chemical-based products pose risks that lice will grow resistant to the ingredients. ClearLice Shampoo does not pose this risk.

  • ClearLice Shampoo is safe to use immediately after attempts with other lice shampoos fail.

  • For best results, use the shampoo with the Treatment Conditioner.

Many lice treatment shampoos contain ingredients that will only kill mature lice during an infestation. ClearLice attacks both lice and their eggs, without the need to re-treat the hair a week later (as many other lice treatment formulas will instruct).

Use the ClearLice Head Lice Shampoo with Lice Repel Shampoo and Lice Repel Conditioner to keep the lice away once finished with the ClearLice Treatment is complete.


Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 270
Average rating : 4.8 /5
C. Patti
5/ 5
Order was easy and arrived on time.
L. Rae
5/ 5
Works great. Smells great. Easy to use
F. Lacy
5/ 5
Smells like toothpaste and does the job on the first try
J. Tracey
5/ 5
The only product that actually works! Highly recommend this product.
S. Mignon
5/ 5
Oh my goodness. Thank you for a great product. No chemical burn and killed them all!
O. Bedi
4/ 5
Work great
5/ 5
The lice treatment shampoo worked well for me. I especially like that the shampoo kills the eggs as well as the lice.
J. Gisela
5/ 5
could not find nothing bad about this shampoo, killed lice and the nits. again smelled very nice.
S. Sharon
4/ 5
It seems to have worked as advertised.
K. Jane
5/ 5
Fantastic! Worked very well and smells great.
H. Nicole
5/ 5
The best!
S. Jeff
5/ 5
Great product we saw results after one wash.
R. Connie
4/ 5
Good results and safe ingredients.
M. Isamar
5/ 5
Best product ever... Lice are very hard to get rid off.. Especially when you have elementary kids .. I have tried everything for my daughter and nothing worked until i came upon this. As little as 1 application worked and she is lice free.. 😀😀 I really recomend it...
E. Rhonda
5/ 5
E. Faye
5/ 5
easy to use & very clear instructions
B. Amy
4/ 5
A better product than store bought productsOnly had to do it twice Verses it other would not work they kept coming back
S. Angie
5/ 5
Great product
G. Michael
5/ 5
i was sceptical having tried many products put this really works
M. Kathryn
5/ 5
I would recommend this product to anyone who has been dealing with lice. It worked great and their hair is shiny and lice free.
C. Cindy
5/ 5
Worked real well very happy with results.
C. Dora
4/ 5
Actually worked
R. Rebecca
5/ 5
This product was a relief to our family--what an ordeal head lice is and was until we discovered ClearLice! The instructions for use are easy to follow and the results are as promised.
L. Amber
5/ 5
great product!!!
A. Veronicq
5/ 5
It was great worked fast and we was so happy to see the results in just one treatment... the smell is the best daughter loves it... will order more to have on hand just incase..
D. Maria
5/ 5
Works great with conditioner.. Follow the treatment instructions and you will be good to go!
R. Barbara
5/ 5
Great smell. So far so good
W. Katherine
5/ 5
It really works! Amazing!
G. Lisa
5/ 5
It worked where other stuff wouldn't. I am happy. LOVE that there is just a faint scent and it is pleasant.
T. Sheena
5/ 5
Great product I've fought lice with my daughter for months, clear it up and it would come back. I treated 1time with this product and they were gone. Nits came right out, barely any were left in her hair. Thank you!
C. Jonel
5/ 5
This product is quick and effective and compared to other products it is not as time consuming. Awesome product!
K. Beth
5/ 5
J. Chelsey
4/ 5
I had to give my daughter two treatments but I think it worked. It was a lot better on her head and didn't burn!
L. Jamie
5/ 5
Gentle on hair, effective, and a great smell!
F. Curtis
5/ 5
I could feel the shampoo working. And it worked great the one and only time I had to use it.
W. Jennifer
5/ 5
Did what it claimedGot rid of lice and nits all in one step as promised.Relieved to finally get an all clear check from my daughters school. Wish I had gotten your product first instead of Nix
R. M
5/ 5
This is good as well.
5/ 5
My daughter noticed the difference immediately. Various methods had been tried w/o lasting success. Altho a little expensive, ClearLice Shampoo is well worth the cost. I wish we had known about this product from the start. It would have saved us many HOURS of combing and ensuing disappointments!
H. Vanessa
4/ 5
Get great and almost killed every single one on the first try
M. Lisa
5/ 5
Great product
L. Kimberly
5/ 5
After trying countless home remedies and store bought shampoos this worked the first time and I haven't had problems since
A. Rajasekhar
5/ 5
Good & effective
S. Patricia
5/ 5
great they are gone i would buy it again
5/ 5
It worked fine and left my hair clean and shiny.
M. April
5/ 5
G. Caesar
5/ 5
The best product by far recommend 100%
K. Grace
5/ 5
Amazing a lot better than the store brand ones.
C. Julie
5/ 5
This was also extra for the reason listed above. Product is terrific.
S. Patricia A
4/ 5
Seems to work.
G. Susan
5/ 5
This is the best product! I tried Lice MD, Tea Tree Oil and Rid and no luck. The Clear Lice worked the first time. I have bought extra to have on hand. Just in case! I also bought the repel based off of others reviews. The chemicals and messiness of rhe other products was awful. This was easy to use and felt good on my scalp. Just make sure you follow directions. I didn't have anyone to comb my hair the first time and had to retreat. Wish I had bought this before wasting so much money in other products! I panicked and bought at the grocery store first.