Lice Treatment Conditioner

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Light Peppermint scent kids love
Eases removal of stubborn nits & debris
Loosens nit glue

ClearLice – Head Lice Treatment Conditioner Treat One Person

 ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Conditioner contains natural ingredients that work to end lice infestations and eliminate their eggs. The smoothing formula of the conditioner coats each hair shaft. This makes it easier to glide the nit comb and end those annoying and painful snags.

The head lice conditioner also coats the hair with natural ingredients derived from essential oils and other products. These work to break down the glue the nits use to stick to the hair shaft. If the nits do not have a place to attach and grow, the lice infestation cannot continue. Hair is left free of nits and shiny, with a fresh peppermint scent for even the most discerning family member.

ClearLiceTreatment Conditioner Includes:

1- treatment conditioner 8oz. bottle

How Does ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Conditioner Work?

ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Conditioner includes natural ingredients to treat infestations at the root.

  • Gentle botanicals and enzyme complexes form powerful combinations to help treat the lice infestation while conditioning.

  • When used ClearLice Treatment Shampoo that targets the destruction of lice skeletons, all stages of the lice life cycle are interrupted.

  • The conditioner is free of poisons and pesticides.

  • ClearLice Conditioner is safe and effective for all members of the family, and leaves hair full smooth.

  • The ingredients work to sooth scalps irritated from the infestation while reducing itchiness.

For best results, be sure to use this conditioning product with the ClearLice Treatment Shampoo and other products to rid the home environment of lice and prevent them from returning.



Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 94
Average rating : 4.8 /5
O. Bedi
4/ 5
J. Gisela
5/ 5
hair nice and soft and shiny, no tangels!
A. Stacy
5/ 5
Best!!!!! 😆
R. Dianne
5/ 5
Very nice fragrance.
K. Jane
5/ 5
Was a messy process to comb through the hair with the conditioner in it but was well worth it!
H. Nicole
5/ 5
The best!
S. Jeff
5/ 5
Great product. We saw results after one wash.
M. Isamar
5/ 5
My daughter has very curly hair and this left her hair super smooth.. Made it easy to comb..
A. Rebekah
4/ 5
Really helps comb out the hair.
B. Amy
5/ 5
Good for kids easy to get them out
S. Angie
5/ 5
Great product
L. Jennifer
5/ 5
Very impressed
M. Kathryn
5/ 5
worked great and would use it again if necessary
C. Cindy
5/ 5
Conditioning was easy and was very effective
K. Stephanie
4/ 5
Tried Clearlice after two treatments for super lice. Smells good all natural, nice consistency but my Grandaughter still had quote a few nits. Combed her out and 4 days later still nits. Just used it again combed her out and we will see. After trying Dawn dish detergent, Rid, Nix, dog shampoo, wrapped in mayonaise and soon to try mouthwash and vinegar. I have washed all bedding and laundry after every treatment. Not really sure if this Clearlice will work, but it is natural and that I'm happy about.
A. Veronicq
5/ 5
We loved it worked great did what it said after the first use we never seen any nits at all. but did a second treatment 2 days later.. will order more to keep on hand..
D. Maria
5/ 5
Works great with shampoo
G. Lisa
5/ 5
It worked along with the shampoo where other stuff wouldn't. I am happy. LOVE that there is just a faint scent and it is pleasant.
T. Sheena
5/ 5
Great product
C. Jonel
5/ 5
This product is quick and effective and compared to other products it is not as time consuming. Awesome product!
K. Beth
5/ 5
R. M
5/ 5
Love this, it gets the lice off, and it is so soothing
H. Vanessa
4/ 5
Smells good and leaves your hair soft easy to remove remaining eggs
H. Renee
4/ 5
Great. It really helped get the eggs out of her hair
M. Lisa
5/ 5
Great product
L. Kimberly
5/ 5
It made my daughter's hair so soft
P. Alexandra
5/ 5
Made the hair soft and smelt good
5/ 5
It worked. fine and left my hair feeling nice.
M. April
5/ 5
G. Caesar
5/ 5
Works very well!!
K. Grace
5/ 5
Helped make my kids nit free
C. Julie
5/ 5
Great product and has a nice scent. Not like the over the counter products that smell awful and don't work. This order contained extra bottles as two of us have extremely long hair and one of those also has very think hair. I did not want to chance not having enough.
M. Neal
4/ 5
W. Debbie
5/ 5
Hair was silky soft after using.
B. Kathy
4/ 5
I like the natural ingredients.
R. Jill
5/ 5
Nice effect on hair and smells great
C. Francine
5/ 5
It's miracle stuff just need to use a large amount to take care of the infestation quicker. The more you put in the hair to comb out the more knits come out.
A. Valerie
5/ 5
The product works wonderfully the first time.
D. Maurene
5/ 5
M. Brenda
4/ 5
Works well
J. Mandy
5/ 5
The conditioner kept my daughter's hair nice and soft. It had a wonderful peppermint scent, not a horrible chemically smell.
R. Ken
4/ 5
Works without the awful smell of other products.
O. Debra
5/ 5
This is awesome cause you can actually see the nits on the comb and it makes your hair super soft.
B. Mary
5/ 5
I used the conditioner on my daughter's hair. It was easy to comb through. Since I didn't try to comb through her hair without the conditioner, I can't say exactly what difference it may have made.
C. Barbara
4/ 5
it is okay.
T. Deborah
5/ 5
smells wonderful and works
. Andre200four
5/ 5
Works great. This made it so much easier to get the nits out. My daughter has really thick hair so this made it a lot easier.
. Happy mom
5/ 5
Great product. This is amazing, I wish I had found these products sooner, because they really work! I was skeptical at first but was desperate because nothing else worked! So glad I have it a try! _x000D_
. Nini
5/ 5
Conditioner. The shampoo & conditioner smells really good & the conditioner left her hair so soft! Nothing is left after 1 treatment! Love it!_x000D_Thank you for being honest & not scamming consumers!
. Texasmom
4/ 5
Good produce worked well. Live gone by time I received this product but we treated again to be safe I think this product is great