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ClearLice is a family owned company that was started out of the same frustration you are going through.  ClearLice has been in business for almost 6 years now, and has helped thousands of families end their head lice nightmare.

ClearLice was developed to use on the founders 2-year-old son.  For that reason it had to be natural and pesticide-free.  It also had to be gentle enough for his delicate scalp.  Together with a chemist, ClearLice was born.

  • Works Mechanically Without Poisons Or Pesticides
  • Proprietary Formula Developed From 2 Years Of Research
  • Manufactured And Tested In An FDA Certified Lab In The USA
  • Works In One Day - No Retreating For Eggs


"It killed everything, the adult lice, the baby lice, and even the nits."

We used Rid and Nix, and spent about $60 going back and forth to the pharmacy and buying more bottles. The lice would go away for a few days and then come back. We realized that no matter what we used, the nits kept hatching.

Nothing we did could kill the nits. When we did our research online, we found you all. Your product did exactly what it claimed it would.

It killed everything, the adult lice, the baby lice, and even the nits.
It was the only one we found that did this.
Thanks for a great product that does what it says."

Kelly J,

"ClearLice is the best product on the market to
get rid of LICE".

I live in Southern California and my daughter slept over a friends house who just returned home from camp. My daughter woke up the next morning complaining of her head itching, so I checked it and "BAMMMM" there they were "LICE" everywhere!

I went to Walgreens, and then CVS and purchased generic rid first and rid.
These did not work. So, I looked online and found (ClearLice).
Ordered it Thursday 6pm their time (Florida) and got here Friday 2pm my time.
I followed these directions step by step exactly how the instructions explained.

From this day forward I will always use "ClearLice". So, yes this product does work.
It works so great my daughter called the company and thanked them herself and she is only 11yrs old."

Sincerely , Mr.J.king
Jazzmyne (daughter)

ClearLice works through a mechanical process
and does not rely on chemicals to poison lice.

Natural botanicals, enzyme complexes, plant extracts, and homeopathic ingredients mimic the molting process of head lice.  Once the hard exoskeletons of the lice and nits begin to dissolve, lice and nits cannot survive when exposed to ClearLice, and can never become immune.


Over 12 million children in the U.S. alone contract head lice every year.  The most common myth is that “dirty people” get it.  The truth is that lice actually like clean heads.  They want to get right to the scalp to eat, and lay eggs.  Dirt and grease just get in the way.

Home Remedies Just Don't Work.

Smothering lice with mayonnaise or olive oil will not work either.  Lice have a breathing system that is also protected by this hard exoskeleton.  We have had people tell us, their child slept with a head of mayo for 8 hours.  This is a waste of time!

There are people who give advice online to put kerosene and mouth wash on your child’s head.  THIS DOES NOT WORK, AND IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS IN EVERY WAY!   Do NOT put these types of products on your child’s head.  It can burn their scalp, their eyes, and cause hair loss.

The ClearLice system is designed
to work in one day

  • Shampooing Hair breaks open the protective outer shells of lice and nits. It loosens the glue lice use to stick to the hair shaft, so most lice and nits will rinse out down your drain.

  • Conditioning Hair plumps and softens your hair, while soothing itchy scalps. Aloe Vera helps to heal bites. It also makes the comb glide through the hair with ease, and helps protect against re-infestations.

  • Comb out any dead lice or nits with our stainless Steel Comb. Our patented comb does not damage hair at all. Combing insures no louse or nit is left in your hair.

  • Wash all washables in our laundry additive to ensure no nits or lice are stuck on your clothes, which helps stop re-infestations.

  • Spray your furniture, car, and anything that cannot be washed to ensure that no lice or nits are left on furniture, bedding, car interiors, etc. which also helps stop re-infestations.

  • Vacuum thoroughly to make sure there are no lice or nits (dead or alive) left in your carpets, or environment.

After using the ClearLice shampoo,
you will literally see lice and nits falling out into your sink

Hair can be thick and long. To make sure every last louse and nit is out, we highly recommend combing. This will be much easier then what you did before.  Our customers have reported a 20-minute combing through thick hair is enough to find those last couple stubborn nits. 

Ce Certified SS Nit Comb

  • Makes the combing process painless and easy
  • Can be boiled for sanitization
  • Lasts forever
  • Easily removes stubborn dead nits stuck to hair shaft

Why do I need to treat my home?

One of the biggest causes of re-infestation is not getting the lice out of your environment.  Lice will live up to 48 hours off of your head, and nits will survive for up to 10 days on your sofa, your car seats, your bedding, etc.

You must treat your head and your home environment to end a lice infestation in one day, and stop it from coming back. "Getting rid of head lice requires treating the individual, the family, and the household.”

-The American Academy of Pediatrics

If you follow our directions we GUARANTEE your lice nightmare will be over. 

Our guarantee is simple.

If ClearLice does not end your lice problem after following the directions, simply send us back the unused portions of the bottles, and we will gladly refund your money up to 60 Days from the Day of purchase . Not including shipping. We are much more interested in making sure this works for YOU.

The ClearLice Advantage

  • ClearLice is natural, and Pesticide-Free
  • ClearLice is safe to use immediately after other treatments have failed
  • Our complete kit treats your scalp and your home
  • We made sure ClearLice is safe and easy to use
  • We designed ClearLice to effectively eliminate lice and nits in one day

Natural Head Lice Treatment Products

Natural Head Lice Repellent Products

Head Lice Products - Gallons Sizes

"The only head lice treatment that actually killed the nits.

"Highly recommend!"
Michael W.
L.A. California

"I loved the shampoo! It smelled wonderful. and my daughter did not mind me placing it on her head.

It was a nightmare w/ the other products we used.

The nit comb was wonderful! It was the only comb that got the nits out. I felt more secure w/ their laundry detergent designed to kill lice and nits.

Thank you so much! We loved the product!!"

"ClearLice is AMAZING...

I treated my daughter TWICE with over the counter products,
cur her waist length hair to her shoulders and combed nits every night for two weeks before getting the ClearLice. We followed the directions and were nit and lice free after ONE TREATMENT.

TRULY AMAZING. If you are put off by the cost, don't be.
Your time, energy and nerves are well worth it....
THANK YOU ClearLice!!"

"ClearLice finally ended our nightmare!! spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on other treatments only to have it return. At one point, I was on the verge of a mental breakdown over the whole situation. I found ClearLice and the nightmare was over.

It has been over a month and the lice have not returned. We have had a breakout in our community from ball season and swim team so I continue to use the conditioner once every two weekson my daughters hair just to be safe. It is a waste of money to buy any other product!!"


About Head Lice Treatments:

It is a common myth that head lice cannot survive off of a human host. This is absolutely not true!

As a matter of fact this is a major reason why people get reinfested a few days after they treat their heads, or even up to 10 days later. Why?  Because a louse can survive up to 2 full days without human blood.  When a human is within crawling distance, they will climb on for a free meal. 

Nits take 7-10 days to hatch and will be looking for their first meal.  They are extremely efficient at finding a healthy scalp to crawl on and feed.  This is why it is so important to treat your hair and your home.  This includes your sofa, bedding, stuffed animals, clothes, and car. 

If you do not treat everything, chances are you will get a reinfestation within the next 2 weeks. This is why we have put together everything you need to be lice free in one complete system.  We highly reduced the price to make this lice removal system affordable for everyone. 

Choose the head lice treatment system that is right for you and your family.  We have head lice treatment systems for one person and treatment systems for your entire family. 

Our ingredients come from all over the world. Some of these ingredients are very rare, and expensive. ClearLice is more expensive then store bought chemical brands, but it's safe, and it works. We believe our head lice products are the best. Read our customer reviews and you will see thousands of customers agree.