Single Size Lice Treatment Kit

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Quick Overview

Removes both lice & nits
for 1 Head & Home
Peppermint scented
No poisons, pesticides, or harsh chemicals

ClearLice - Single Size Treatment Kit (Treats One Person and a Small Home)

The ClearLice Single Size Treatment Kit is a complete head lice solution for the person battling an infestation. The products in the treatment kit include natural ingredients, plant extracts, and essential oils that work together to destroy the head lice. The four separate, core components of the head lice treatment kit, along with the certified micro-grooved nit comb and shower cap, combat the lice at each stage of development.

The unique and natural formula is gentle enough for children in the family, and yet works hard enough to remove infestations on the head and in the home. As the best lice treatment kit on the market, this natural lice treatment kit contains no poisons or harsh chemicals, and leaves a fresh peppermint scent.

ClearLice treatment options also help to ease worries beyond the lice infestation. There are increasing concerns that certain chemical ingredients found in other, harsher products on the market can lose effectiveness over time. The natural ingredients in the ClearLice Single Size Treatment Kit do not pose risks that the bugs will build up a resistance to the formulas, as you might find with other, harsher options.

ClearLice Single Size Treatment Kit Includes:

1- lice and nit remover shampoo 8oz. bottle
1- conditioner 8oz. bottle
1- home treatment spray 8oz. bottle
1- laundry enzyme additive 8oz. bottle
1- certified ss micro-grooved nit comb
1- shower cap
1- instructions

How Does the Complete Kit Work?

ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner

These products work together as a team to remove head lice and nits from the hair shafts and scalp.

  • The natural ingredients of the Treatment Shampoo work without chemicals or pesticides to remove the hair of lice eggs and break down the exoskeletons of adult lice.

  • Adult lice are then unable to lay new eggs.

  • The ClearLice Conditioner leaves the hair silky smooth, preventing nits from attaching to the hair shafts.

ClearLice Laundry Additive and ClearLice Home Treatment Spray

These products safely and effectively sanitize the home and laundry to remove head lice and prevent them from coming back.

  • The products are safe to use anywhere in the home or environment, such as a daycare room, where there is exposure from someone infected with head lice.

  • The Laundry Additive is hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

  • The Home Treatment Spray is non-toxic and safe for both children and pets.

Certified Micro-Grooved Nit Comb and Shower Cap

In addition to the Shampoo, Conditioner, Laundry Additive, and Home Treatment Spray, this kit contains a certified micro-grooved nit comb and shower cap.

  • The quality nit comb has stainless steel teeth, perfectly spaced to remove even stubbornly attached nits from the hair shafts.

  • The comb also has rounded tips to prevent scratching against the scalp.

  • The shower cap is latex free and comes in a one-size-fits-most style.

The ClearLice Single Size Treatment Kit also includes complete instructions for easy use, and includes enough treatment product to treat one person and one small home. If you are battling a larger infestation, please see the other options for families and larger living areas, such as the Family Size Lice Treatment Kit and Jumbo Size Lice Treatment Kit.

Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 196
Average rating : 4.8 /5
B. Bruce
5/ 5
ClearLice completely cleared our lice infestation with a single treatment! It was gentle, efficient and smelled amazing! I hope to never deal with this again, but if we do, we will use clearlice again.
C. Breanna
5/ 5
Worked great to kill them fast and made getting the nits out very easy!
J. Kelley
4/ 5
It seems to work. It took longer than 20mins to comb out the nits in each section of hair. Smells great helps softens hair to get the comb threw. I seen less scratching seems to sooth there sores from bites. Just cost to much for a single mother.
H. Maggie
5/ 5
Awesome! Worked. Thank you so much.
H. Nobuko
5/ 5
Excellent!! A life saver!!
B. Krista
5/ 5
Worked with one application!! Used everything that Rite Aid and CVS had to offer. This is the only thing that had them falling out with ease. So easy and smells amazing!! A little pricey but worth every penny!! Super Satisfied!! I highly Recommend this product to anyone because this was a nightmare and Clear Lice finally ended all that:))
V. Jennifer
5/ 5
This product worked great on my daughters hair. The smell was good and it didn't irritate my child's head. It is definitely worth every dollar.
D. Catia
5/ 5
Its amazing
O. Marilyn
5/ 5
G. Alondra
5/ 5
It worked really good totally recommend this place!
M. Shannon
5/ 5
I am so impressed with how effective it was the first time we used it! I will definitely tell others about it every chance I get!
F. Jennifer
4/ 5
The only product that gave us relief after three months of having a lice nightmare
C. Jason
5/ 5
Worked amazing!!!
B. Christine
5/ 5
H. Lauren
5/ 5
Best product out there!!! I highly recommend.
K. Stephanie
5/ 5
G. Silverio
4/ 5
A bit expensive but heck it did the job!
A. Joyce
5/ 5
Wow, got the job done quickly, well there is a time limit that you have to wait on which is the process but so worth the little wait. Love the comb it saves so much time, than pulling them by hand one by one.
J. Steven
5/ 5
G. Jill
5/ 5
Very good I would highly recommend
M. Lacy
5/ 5
Good. Effective, but expensive.
B. April
5/ 5
It was very good so far.
H. Liberty
5/ 5
The comb was perfect. I felt better having a treatment for her bedding (laundry) as well.
C. Brinder
5/ 5
I really like this product. I use all natural products on my baby girl's hair. I was put at ease when I saw what natural oils are used in the product. I am very familiar with some or all.
T. Barbara
5/ 5
Most amazing product!! Tried over the counter product with no results, my daughter still had lice and nits days later. Received Clearlice, used as directed and now ten days later she is lice and nit free!! Yes it cost quite a bit more than the over the counter treatment but totally worth it to be rid of this nuisance! Would only buy this product if the problem arises again.
U. Lisa
5/ 5
The products worked just as they were described.
A. Kalliope
5/ 5
absolutely WORKS!!!!!!!
W. Steven
5/ 5
everything you need in one package with easy to follow instructions. Love that we do not have to worry about chemicals, and it works great.
R. Amanda
5/ 5
Worked great, absolutely love this stuff what a lifesaver, was all gone in one treatment!!
G. Brenda
5/ 5
This is one of the best product and only one that worked
C. Ron
5/ 5
Great product
P. Marissa
5/ 5
Amazing you only need one bottle. We didn't even use a quarter of the bottle and her hair goes to the middle of her back
C. Emily
5/ 5
price scared me but when I tried the product compared to other lice products I was amazed! combing through was a lot easier and the eggs were just falling off my daughters hair.
T. Tursia
5/ 5
Thank you so much, I've been battling life for 6 months, my granddaughter is doing much better!
R. Regina
4/ 5
It works well and does kill lice and nits (which was super helpful). Even though we still combed through hair, it was nice to know that any missed nits would be dead. The product did take FOREVER to use. I think after the whole process was over, it had been about two hours. But it's worth the time to get the lice out for good.
B. Teresa
5/ 5
Omg...this product is a life saver. We have been fighting with super lice for a few months now. Every time we thought it was gone we would find bugs again. It creates so much anxiety and stress worring. We were fed up living like this and decided to finally make the purchase of Clearlice. We were very hesitant bc of the price but it works! One treatment and that's it! I hope we never experience lice again but if we do I will definitely buy Clearice right away.
M. Irene
5/ 5
This was a hard experience to go through,but it was a relief to get the help that was needed in a more natural way.
S. Michelle
5/ 5
Fantastic Results! Will use this again and will recommend!
B. Andera
5/ 5
It worked great! I had already gotten rid of the lice in my daughter's hair, but there were still eggs I was trying to get out. I used this, and I could tell right away that the remaining eggs were dead. I did the recommended comb through with the nit comb to be sure, and I'm confident that we're done with lice. The product had a pleasant smell and was easy to use. Most of all, I'm so glad to find an effective treatment that doesn't contain harmful neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and the like. I would highly recommend this product..
S. Kristine
5/ 5
I used the single size for my daughter and then myself, since I got it from her while treating her. It worked better than the store bought chemical treated products.
K. Carol
4/ 5
Loved the smell. 40 minutes for the first treatment was a bit long for my little children. I wished you sold the product in upscale stores like Ulta.
L. Heather
5/ 5
Must follow directions to have the results advertised.
A. Gabriela
4/ 5
So far so good and we still have a couple of lice and nits to get rid of.
G. Martin
5/ 5
H. Kendra
5/ 5
this product is AMAZING! After battling lice to no avail and the countless hours of harsh chemicals over about a month or so along with the constant washing Clearlice got rid of it all! My ex- husband and I live in two households and we just couldn't rid us of the pests but Clearlice did it!
C. Linda
5/ 5
The combination of products finally eliminated our lice issue
A. Flor
5/ 5
the miracle treatment to a clear free of lice and nits.
S. Garrett
5/ 5
Without this product my daughters would have had their head shaved just like my son. The store baught brands had no real effect on the lice. Thank you for such a wonderful treatment,
R. Joshua
4/ 5
A bit expensive but works well.
M. Alma
5/ 5