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Amazing by Katkatia on 04/29/2017

Works amazing def worth the money

Great product by mignonschroeder@hotmail.com on 04/26/2017

Worked instantly and fully cleared away within 2days. Thank you

Excellent by wjmelzer@gmail.com on 04/24/2017

This stuff really works. Safe enough to use all the time. Will purchase again if needed.

wow by jobinc564@aol.com on 04/11/2017

worked on first treatment. smells really nice, and my 6 year old granddaughter just loved the smell.

Still a great product by Grandma on 05/19/2016

Works really fast and good

Works great by Andre200four on 05/18/2016

This product work great for my daughter's. We only had to use one application to get rid of the lice.

Works great by Andre200four on 05/18/2016

This made it so much easier to get the nits out. My daughter has really thick hair so this made it a lot easier.

So far, very pleased by happy on 05/18/2016

I was the parent who went to the store and bought the "best" OTC treatment available when I first discovered that my children had lice. Although this helped reduce the nits and lice, it did not solve the problem and we found lice in their hair about 10 days later. I was frustrated to the point of tears. I did my research and read all about lice and also discovered Clear Lice. I was hesitant because of the price, but I was convinced enough to try the product. I bought the family kit. I am very pleased with the smell and the results thus far. (It has been 5 days and I do not see any symptoms of lice or nits in my childrens' hair.) The instructions are helpful and I recommend following them to comfort yourself and family that you have done everything to keep them away. I would recommend this product and will never waste money on the OTC products again!

Great stuff. Really works. Worth the price. by Mecoson2888 on 05/18/2016

Ordered for my grandchildren after their mother tried everything she could from the drugstore and nothing was working. This stuff worked. Had to order a second time though as one of my granddaughters needed a little extra. She has enough hair for three people. She is now completely free and clear.

Great by Happy parent on 05/18/2016

Tried several products to get rid of lice from my daughter. Nothing worked. This product worked great. When I was rinsing the shampoo out, I could see the dead lice falling out. Thank goodness for this product. Everyone should have this!! Thank you so much for your product!

Awesome by Gene on 05/18/2016

Thanks I keep it.on hand as.insurance.

So far so good by So far so good on 05/18/2016

I've checked every day for a week and have not seen any sign of lice. So far it looks like this product has done the trick.

It really does work! by Jen on 05/17/2016

A friend of mine told me about this product after she had gone through many natural and Store bought treatments and nothing worked! When my daughter came home from kindergarten with lice I immediately called her and she brought over some for me to try I ended up ordering the kit since we have a family of five I treated everybody with it! In the comb that the kit comes with works very well !

Thankful to have a household spray! by Jen on 05/17/2016

I was so thankful to hear that clear lice had a household spray in addition to everything else it really put my mind at ease to be able to spray down car seats in my couch and things that can't be washed ! Thank you clear lice thank you clear lice !

Great Product by starfish40 on 05/17/2016

Took care of the problem without the awful smell. The only down fall is the amount of time required to wait with it on. It is hard for a child to leave anything on their head more than 5-10 minutes.

So far so good/used 3 days ago by grannmommy on 05/16/2016

We have 4 girls in the family and we all did the treatment 3 days ago and so far so good. Love the smell and hoping this is the end of this latest battle with lice.

Excellent product by Mel on 05/15/2016

My daughter has waist long blonde hair and this was a recurring problem in my house. Clear Lice is an excellent product that really did what it is supposed to do. I was very thorough in combing out the hair. The process took a very long time due to the length of my daughter's hair but after completing the full treatment and thoroughly checking her hair 3 times after just to be sure I found no evidence of more pests present. The product left her hair soft. I also ordered expedited shipping that arrived late due to problems with delivery company. I requested a refund of expedited shipping fee and it was taken care of immediately. Excellent customer service.

Works great! by Momof3 on 05/14/2016

My kindergartener came home with an itchy head. And after a quick search I found the culprit. After two store treatments it was not cleared up. Ordered this product. A little pricey but really works. Smells great as well. Directions are clear and it was very easy to use. We are still using the shampoo/conditioner until we get through with the school year.

So far so good. I think it worked. by Bingo on 05/14/2016

We check each day since The treatment and i think it did the job. I'll keep the number handy for another shipment in case we need it again.

Works great !! by James on 05/14/2016

A great buy !!

Great buy !!! by James on 05/14/2016

Great product ... Great buy !!

really works by mom on 05/13/2016

my daughter like it she didn't complain about it hurting her and it really works....

Great product by WR27 on 05/13/2016

My daughter got lice from school. She has very long thick hair so I thought it would be a nightmare to get rid of. Clear lice worked fantastic. We followed the directions and it only took one round of treatments. I washed her bedding in the detergent and sprayed the couches. It was gone! It's a bit expensive, but worth every penny.

If you are skeptical about this product don't be. It works! by GrandmaKitty on 05/12/2016

If you are skeptical about this product don't be. It works! It is a little pricey, but well worth it.

Fantastic & Safe! by Cathycar on 05/11/2016

When I discovered lice on my daughter's head, I was mortified. My husband quickly went to the store and purchased the typical over the counter solution. We used that. While that seemed to help, it did not rid her of everything. Knowing that I would have to do a second treatment, we used this on a recommendation. This stuff is wonderful. It gave me peace of mind that I was using a safe product and an effective product. In one treatment, all her eggs and nits were GONE! I was amazed. I am also using the shampoo and conditioner to help until the end of school. We love that too - it smells good and works!

It worked again! by RelievedmominFL on 05/11/2016

Last year we tried this product in desperation and we're shocked at how well it worked. Recently I checked my daughter''s hair and was dismayed to find evidence of head lice again. This time I headed straight for the computer to order the clear lice products (we had given our extra to a friend). Once again, following the directions exactly and using all 4 products, one treatment was all it took to get rid of the nasty little buggers and all their nits. I totally recommend this product to anyone who is dealing with lice. It may seem pricey, but at the end of the day, it will save you money and time. Thanks Clear Lice!!!!!

uku free. by It works on 05/11/2016

Treated my daughters hair and they are all gone.

Works well, smells great by Breezy on 05/11/2016

Our family liked using this product compared to the chemical smell other products have. I trust ClearLice has done their research stating many OTC lice products are obsolete and actually don't kill the lice - ClearLice killed live lice. Getting nits out of super fine hair is a challenge. Doing everything in one day is absolutely best because I reinfected myself doing 10 loads of laundry. I recommend getting it all done in a day for optimal results.

Love this product, smells great by Breezy on 05/11/2016

After our battle to get rid of lice in our home we've decided to use the Repel shampoo and conditioner when we feel we could be exposed to lice again. My recommendation: use it before shopping when you will be trying on clothes and going to the movies in addition to any other high exposure situations.

I was a non-believer. But it works, period. by Holliwood on 05/11/2016

I was very skeptical of this product because I have tried a lot of other ways to try and get rid of the lice, OTC and home remedies. All five family memeber were infected but nothing has ever worked. Until now! I highly recommend ClearLice to anyone going through this. They are difficult to get rid of and I was fighting them for 2 years! I am so happy my mom found your products and told me about them, we are finally free of lice. It did take 2 treatments for everyone but it DID work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Product was very helpful and we are lice free! Thank you! by Kristi on 05/11/2016

Product was very helpful and we are lice free! Thank you!

Great product by Happymom on 05/11/2016

This product worked! I am so glad that I found this, thank you for creating a product that actually works!!!

Great product by Happy mom on 05/11/2016

This is amazing, I wish I had found these products sooner, because they really work! I was skeptical at first but was desperate because nothing else worked! So glad I have it a try!

Very good by Nikki on 05/11/2016

The product came really fast in the mail. Worked good I felt it reacting to my scalp after I massaged my scalp and it felt good.

It works! by Prince on 05/10/2016

I did not write the review initially because after using the product one time on my younger daughter I was still finding 5 - 6 nits in her hair every night which was still an improvement because before the treatment she had over 50. I figured she must still have a louse in her hair so I ordered the family size lice treatment and prevention kit as well. This time I treated her, her older sisiter, and myself. Now, I am HAPPY to say, we are finally lice free! We are going to continue to using the prevention shampoo and conditioner to keep those nasty pests away. In the end, it was worth the money.

We are now lice free by Jen on 05/10/2016

We have been struggling for a month to get rid of head lice treating everything but still finding lice. One treatment with Clear Lice and finally we are lice free. Thank You!

If your skeptical about ordering... by GrandmaKitty on 05/09/2016

If your skeptical about ordering this stuff because the claims are to good to be true. Don't be. This stuff really works. It is expensive, but worth it.

Recommend this product by Jennifer on 05/06/2016

Love this product smells great easy to use ,.conditions my daughters hair but most important it works to get rid of those pesky lice

Really works by Twiggy on 05/05/2016

Great product

Better than anything out there. by Bla on 05/03/2016

Took away the problem when nothing else would.

Ok by Cami on 05/01/2016

Works! But this treatment does take time.

Love this product!! by Elyse88 on 04/29/2016

Lice happens and when it does I always get clear lice, this product works incredibly! If you want to get rid of it quick and easy, get clear lice. It's effective, it's safe for my little girl and it doesn't irritate her scalp or skin. Thanks for saving us time and money clear lice.

Shampoo by Nini on 04/29/2016

We tried the coconut oil & although it was about 90% effective, it left her hair greasy, even after LOTS of rinsing. I just happened to come across your product on line & I have to say that it is simply AMAZING! After just ONE application, problem solved! I already had the comb & those 3 little suckers were dead before they hit the sink! Thank you for making an honest product that does what it states! No itching, too! I did wrap cling wrap around her head instead of the shower cap & I liked that better.

Conditioner by Nini on 04/29/2016

The shampoo & conditioner smells really good & the conditioner left her hair so soft! Nothing is left after 1 treatment! Love it! Thank you for being honest & not scamming consumers!

Good produce worked well by Texasmom on 04/29/2016

Live gone by time I received this product but we treated again to be safe I think this product is great

Used after received worked great by Texasmom on 04/29/2016

Worked great

Did the job when nothing else would... worth the price by Ed on 04/29/2016

Did the job when nothing else would..... worth the price

### by Maria on 04/28/2016

Very good product.

love the product! by killlice on 04/28/2016

Overall the product seems to work so far i have not seen my daughter scratch her head. Just would like to suggest one thing and is to add an additional comb especially for the family pack. more product most likely more people that needs to be treated so it would be practical to have more than one comb. Otherwise great product!

Life saver by Caroo0484 on 04/28/2016

I couldn't be happier and neither can my daughters. We have suffered with lice for about a year. Trying different methods, hundreds of dollars wasted on OTC products, different homeopathic remedies and constant combing. And just when we thought we would have a handle on it, the kids would itch again. I discovered this product searching the Internet and thought, what could I lose…those pesky lice is what we lost. I'm so happy to rid of them. The kids are much happier and itch free. I'm 100% satisfied with this product. We did exactly what was recommended. We had 5 heads to treat and now 5 heads are lice free. I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful product. I'll definitely recommend to those who have the misfortune of going through this. It's worth every dollar. Thank you

Great product by snorkels on 04/27/2016

This product works amazing and smells wonderful! !! Haven't had an infestation problem since we've stated using this shampoo! !! And it leaves my kids hair nice and smooth

HEADLICE by MEME on 04/27/2016


Thank God for Clearlice! by Annette on 04/27/2016

You saved my life :)

Thank God for Clearlice! by Annette on 04/27/2016

You saved my life :)

Cap by Annette on 04/27/2016

Good product

Comb by Annette on 04/27/2016

Good product

Completely worth the money! If you want to get rid of lice the first time around, and before your whole family is affected, use this product! by Large family on 04/26/2016

Our son got lice, we used the Clear Lice products, and no one else in the family got it (plus we got rid of it after one treatment on our son)!!! That says a lot with four young children who are constantly playing together!

Best Product! Really WORKS! by Relieved on 04/26/2016

I waited as long as I could before leaving a review to fully give this product the benefit. My husband and I were leery of a company saying they have a product that will get rid of lice. We were at our wits end. We had tried over the counter products with no results We tried the Natroba prescription and still had an issue with lice. We bought the family size treatment kit. This is the ONLY product that will aid in getting rid of lice in the WHOLE home and vehicle. It will take effort on your part to get rid of lice, but this really is a product that WORKS! I couldn't be happier to say we are lice free and so can you. I know you are reading all of the comments thinking, which ones are really true. I thought the same thing. But now I am on the other side saying you need to get this as soon as possible and see that you too can be lice free. Lice is an epidemic because we have been taught that it happens only to people of low income status or someone who can't keep clean. So when you get it you don't want anyone to know I believe that when we find a product that works to share it with others so they can be treated and get rid of it right away. Don't delay it could cause someone else or another family an issue. I am truly thankful I found this product! Thank you so much for helping our family, God bless!

Thankful by Shorty on 04/26/2016

Found a product that works and my girls will actually ask me to treat their hair now. No screaming or crying just a great overall product!

Why did I waste so much time and money before I bought clearlice?!? by AMC on 04/25/2016

I wish that I would've known about clear lice before I spent hundreds of dollars on other products... this product is amazing and if you follow the steps and directions and do the most important step at the end, which is comb through the hair, you WILL get rid of these bugs with the help of clear lice!! I have not used any other product that has worked even remotely close to CLEARLICE. I have spent $100 on a foreign hair vacuum and hundreds of dollars on other miscellaneous lice products and nothing but clearlice works for us. Do not second guess yourself about buying this product because you will not regret it. Something I do suggest using in conjunction with clearlice is the "Nit terminator comb" to do the comb through process. They are available at select places but I got mine for dirt cheap at 12.00 at target.com they're not sold in stores. THANK YOU SO MUCH CLEARLICE FOR YOUR AMAZING PRODUCTS!!!!

Review by Blznphtrcn on 04/23/2016

Works great thanks

amazing product by snorkels on 04/23/2016

This shampoo and leave in conditioner works amazing! !! And it smells really good and leaves the kids hair nice and Smooth! !! No more lice

Great product! by Mrs Flintstone on 04/22/2016

Happy to see other options other than what is offered in stores that everyone else uses. Love the peppermint smell. I believe it is well worth the price after spending the same amount on store products that don't work.

I liked it. by None on 04/22/2016

My great granddaughter has very long, very curly hair. Always have trouble with tangles. This product had a very pleasant odor, didn't dry out her hair, and left far fewer tangles

The Best Nit Comb ever! by Sue on 04/22/2016

Superlice outbreak in our area & used this nit comb on my granddaughter when she had lice a couple of years ago. It's the best nit comb out there and I wanted to have a couple on hand just to be ready. Highly recommend this one.

Great product by Schavda on 04/21/2016

It works beautifully and love that it natural. Great for the hair and eliminated the problem in one try. Thanks

Great product by Schavda on 04/21/2016

Works wonders. Best part is its natural. Loved it.

Worked well by Lisa on 04/21/2016

Worked very well! Took a while to do, but it was a success!

Excellent by Lisa on 04/20/2016

Worked when nothing else did

WHAT A WELCOME CHANGE! by Chicago Momma on 04/19/2016

After having used the product recommended by a hair salon, we had recurrent episodes of nits and full grown bugs on and off for several months. I grew tired of living in the revolving circuit of home and hair care without consistent results on 2 of my daughters. I read about this online and took a gamble. The most remarkable change was noticed right away and that was, as gross as it sounds, dead bugs on the surface of the head that were not moving but killed and then rose up from the scalp and were visible by the dozen. The repeated shampoo showed there were way more than I might have thought and more full grown ones that nits, which was alarming. The scent is nice and my daughters did not complain. They giggled about the shower caps and played games while the time passed. I will see in 10 days if this was as successful as I can see by my eye tonight, but I am glad to endorse this product already simply because it killed SO MANY from the scalp and zapped them lifeless just with the shampoo and then the conditioner made nit removal so easy with the nit comb!

Wonderful by Missy on 04/19/2016

I have tried evert thing but nothing would work. Clear lice worked the first time and that was wonderful thank God for ckear lice.

love it by DOPPEY on 04/19/2016

I love you guys and your product i was literally battling this since October i used the store bought products they were ok but unless u get all the nits out it just keeps coming back and the products stunk . OMG anything that was left in my daughters hair came out so easy ! THANK YOU I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND YOU PRODUCT TO ANY ONE AND NOW WITH CAMP JUST AROUND THE CORNER HAPPY IN SAUGERTIES NY

Expensive treatment, but well worth it. by Paige on 04/19/2016

Loved the conditioner and laundry enzyme most of all.

Thank you so much! by Linda S. on 04/18/2016

Your product was wonderful! My granddaughter had great results! Thank you so much!

easy to use by lucy on 04/17/2016

Loved the smell. The product seems to be working. Been a long battle

They said it was good! by OregonGuy on 04/16/2016

Bought it for another and had it dropped shipped to them. After 3 days they said it was working and they said the instructions told them to keep a watch over 10 days. They were very happy with the results so far. One comment was, "The shampoo made my hair feel the cleanest I've ever had." Me? If I ever get head lice, I'll give you a call. 8^D

Truly the only product that works by Mandi on 04/15/2016

This stuff really is fantastic. It smells great, doesn't feel like it's damaging your hair or scalp, and includes products to completely rid your entire life of lice. I know it is pricey compared to OTC treatments but, let's face it, they don't work and they smell awful. I will ALWAYS keep this product in my home, just in case.

GREAT! by BookFace on 04/15/2016

Absolutely works. Very satisfying to see those menaces going down the drain. Just be sure to really get those eggs out of your hair afterwards!!!! And you'll be relieved.

Awesome product! I highly reccommend it!!!!! by Annie on 04/14/2016

We had another attack of lice in my house (had a terrible one last year)! I spent a ton of money to have two girls cleared of the lice, and it worked really well. This time I was leaving town and couldn't travel to get them cleared. I ordered this product and it worked miraculously. I only wish I knew ahead of time that I needed disposable shower caps when I did the washing part. I used small clear trash bags instead and they worked in the pinch. This product is excellent, and I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering with lice. Thanks so much!!!!!

Love it! by Po on 04/14/2016

Love the peppermint smell!

Love this all natural product! by Cari on 04/14/2016

After a battle with lice last and my 9 year old daughter last summer, we used the entire system and we've kept on using the repel products because they leave our hair so healthy. The extra protection makes me feel better and I'm convinced it's why she didn't get it again when it recently got passed around her school. Definitely worth the investment and we will always keep the entire system on hand in our house!

review by NaeBae on 04/13/2016

Like a lot of people I was getting frustrated with over the counter products so I decided to try Clear Lice because I was at the end of my rope. I'm so happy I did. I had to use the product twice because my daughter has very long and very thick hair, but the process was easy (a little time consuming, but worth it) and I'm happy to report it worked. A bonus is my daughter loved the peppermint smell.

We by Kae on 04/13/2016

I loved this product. It worked the very first time we used it (you need to purchase the conditioner with it) and it was VERY easy to use.

we by Kae on 04/13/2016

WE loved this product (you need to use it with the shampoo). It worked the very first time. I love that there is free shipping with your order.

no more lice by barbara on 04/12/2016

this stuff works when prescribed med would not

Purchased once. by bbp on 04/12/2016

Great stuff. I use it on my grandkids when the come to visit. My granddaughter was plagued with reoccurring head lice. We ended the cycle once and for all.

I'm glad I bought this! by DD on 04/12/2016

This product worked so well, it was gentle and it was very easy to disperse through the hair; compared to other runny products. I would definitely recommend.

clear lice by Mica on 04/12/2016

Worked great

I would recommend it! by Sassy Grandma on 04/12/2016

!It leaves the hair feeling very soft!

I love the way it makes the hair feel soft! by Sassy Grandma on 04/12/2016

A very good product!

Great product by Sunny on 04/12/2016

Worked great,smells great and all natural.

I definatly would recommend this product. by Joanie on 04/10/2016

I feel lucky I went on line and found this product. My son has temporally moved home with his fiancée while they are purchasing a home. She is a teacher and discovered a child in her class had head lice. I only use natural products and am very careful about the products I use on my hair. While I didn't find any lice in my head, I used the shampoo and conditioner as a preventive measure. I was impressed with the video of the baby getting his hair treated on the site which motivated me to purchase the product. I followed all the directions and my hair retained its shine and texture. The biggest problem was waiting until the next day for delivery. So I recommend having this product on hand.

+. Thank you very much by BB on 04/10/2016

I have used many products which didn't work. Lucky that I found your products, they worked very well. Thankfully I am lice free!!!!! I appreciate that your Clearlice products were available. Thank you so much.

I recommend this product 100% it really works and smells great! by MJ on 04/09/2016

Absolutely loved it worked and I would recommend it to anyone. Please people don't waste your money on store products!

Finally! by Ladybug on 04/08/2016

Was hesitant at first to try something new. But, glad to say, no sign of those little critters anywhere! Well worth the money

worked awesome by Chanel on 04/08/2016

Will definitely be a repeat customer. Hopefully she never gets it again.

Clear lice by Jess on 04/08/2016

I just want to say I love these products , where I can use on my daughter everyday along with a leave in condition spray, since I received last week I have not had a problem with lice with her, thank you for this product it was a life saver for me

great product by barbara on 04/07/2016

this stuff works when nothing else will

It really works by anna on 04/07/2016

It really works, this is my new go to treatment, if needed in the future.

Works Great by CCorona84 on 04/05/2016

Product work great i had used several different products and they would not work. I used Clearlice on my kids and after the second time all lice and eggs were gone would definitely buy product again. Also the product smells really good.

is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 961 user reviews.