A message from the Founder


The Lice Arrive

When ​my ​son, Zachary, was 2 1/2 years old, he was sent home from preschool with lice. My ​wife​ and I bought Rid and applied it to our son's head. It smelled similar to Raid and made his eyes burn. We spent hours combing out the lice eggs and calming our upset child. It was a horrible experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone, but it appeared to get rid of his lice.

The Lice Spread

A few days later my wife contracted lice also! ​She u​sed Rid, and it actually burned ​her​ scalp and left live lice in ​her​ hair. ​We ​vowed to never use it again ​on our family​. Were there any other lice treatments out there that did not contain poisons? ​We​ tried home remedies, which only made ​the hair ​oily and hard to manage. We couldn’t get rid of ​the​ lice.

ClearLice is Born

By this time, my family's lice problem had been going on for months, and we were frantic. ​I was determined to find a lice treatment and researched methods used in other parts of the world. I decided to collaborate with a family friend that works as a chemist and ​we ​created a non-toxic, natural lice solution, ClearLice.

Lice Free at Last

I applied the formula to ​ my son and wife​, let it sit, and then combed through ​their hair. The lice started falling out, dead. We didn't even have to do a treatment again after that. It seemed like a miracle.
Through our research, we discovered that lice re-infestations often occur because lice can survive for a period of time off of the head. Realizing this, we developed a line of products to treat the environment as well.
We are happy to offer a complete head lice solution to those of you who are suffering as we once did. Rest assured that your troubles will soon be over. Try ClearLice. Take it from me, it really works.


Howard Shecter - ClearLice