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Home Lice Treatment Spray


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Formulated To Treat Head Lice And Their Eggs (Nits)

  • Natural formula
  • Pesticide-Free
  • Safe To Use Around Family Pets
  • Cleaning Your Environment Helps Stop Re-infestations
  • Wonderful Peppermint Scent



Home Lice Treatment Spray
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1 reviews
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ClearLice Household Treatment Spray is a natural, non-toxic and pesticide free spray which will remove all traces of lice from your upholstered furniture, carpets, mattresses, cars, etc.


ClearLice Works Mechanically - Not Chemically

Natural botanicals, enzyme complexes, plant extracts, and homeopathic ingredients mimic the molting process of head lice. Once the hard exoskeletons of the lice and nits begin to dissolve, lice and nits cannot survive when exposed to Clearlice, and can never become immune.


ClearLice™ Benefits


  • Great Peppermint Scent Kids Love
    The ClearLice™ line uses pure, natural unrefined peppermint oil. Because there are no pesticides in any of our products, each product has a refreshing peppermint fragrance that kids enjoy.

  • Natural Proprietary Formula
    Our unique blend of enzymes, plant extracts, salts, and essential oils dissolve the exoskeleton of the lice and protective shells of the nits. Once these shells are broken down, our proprietary formula can now attack the nervous system and eradicate head lice & nits.

  • Rare Ingredients From Around The World
    Includes ingredients we found all over the world, such as remote parts of India. By infusing these natural remedies, like rare plant extracts that natives have been using for centuries to treat head lice, ClearLice™ can offer you the most powerful and unique blend of ingredients to safely end your lice nightmare.

  • Safely eliminates lice and nits from your hair and your home
    ClearLice™ is a complete system designed to safely and effectively eliminate head lice and nits (lice eggs) from your hair and your home environment.

ClearLice™ Ingredients

Pesticide Free
  • No Poisons
  • No Pesticides
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Sodium Laurel Sulfates
  • Natural and Safe Ingredients
  • Deionized water, and Natural surfactants.


Non toxic
WEIGHT 0.80 oz

Enzyme Proteins, Neem Oil, Wrightia Tinctoria, Tea Tree Oil, Acorus Calamus, Peppermint Oil, Cocos Nucifera, Natrum Muriaticum, No Poisons, No Pesticides, Non-Toxic, No Sodium Laurel Sulfates, Natural and Safe Ingredients, Deionized water, and Natural surfactants.

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Home Lice Treatment Spray
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Home Lice Treatment Spray
head lice household spray10/06/2013
By Louis Cianci
all products worked very effectively as described and worked very quickly
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ClearLice™ eliminates head lice in 45 seconds

The Clearlice Story

Clearlice was developed to use on the founders 2 year old son. For that reason it had to be natural and pesticides-free. It also had to be gentle enough for his delicate scalp. More Info about ClearLice

Customer Testimonials

"Well, after months of using the over the counter lice shampoo yours was the only one that worked on the first try. My daughter has been lice free for 1 month or better. This was definitely worth the money." Thank you again.

- Renee

"I followed these directions step by step exactly how the instructions explained. From this day forward I will always use “Clearlice”. So, yes this product does work. It works so great my daughter called the company and thanked them herself and she is only 11yrs old."

- Mr.J.King

Bizrate Customer Reviews
BizRate Customer Reviews

Google Merchant Reviews
Google Merchant Reviews

Customer Testimonials

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