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Head Lice Treatment Shampoo


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Eliminates Head Lice & Nits

  • USA FDA Registered
  • Natural Formula; Pesticide-Free
  • Wonderful Peppermint Scent
  • No Retreating; One Day Treatment



Head Lice Treatment Shampoo
Average rating:
24 reviews
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ClearLice™ Head Lice Shampoo is being used by camps, schools, and families like yours all over the world to treat head lice quickly, safely, and without worry of dangerous pesticides. Clearlice is a naturally derived formulation that breaks open the shells of head lice, nits, (lice eggs) and loosens the glue lice use to stick their eggs to your hair shaft.

The ClearLice™ Advantage

  • Safe To Use Immediately After Other Treatments Fail
  • Treats Your Scalp & Your Environment
  • Dissolves Nit Shells & Lice Eggs

ClearLice™ Works Mechanically - Not Chemically

Natural botanicals, enzyme complexes, plant extracts, and homeopathic ingredients mimic the molting process of head lice. Once the hard exoskeletons of the lice and nits begin to dissolve, lice and nits cannot survive when exposed to ClearLice™, and can never become immune.

  • ClearLice Shampoo Eliminates head lice and nits (lice eggs) from your hair, naturally without poisons, or pesticides.

There is no other head lice solution on the market that offers an easy to use, safe and natural system that eliminates head lice on your head and in your home like ClearLice™.  Not only that... you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

ClearLice™ Case Studies:

Customer Video Testimonial

Rosemary's Voice Mail

ClearLice™ Benefits

  • Great Peppermint Scent Kids Love
    The ClearLice™ line uses pure, natural unrefined peppermint oil. Because there are no pesticides in any of our products, each product has a refreshing peppermint fragrance that kids enjoy.

  • Natural Proprietary Formula
    Our unique blend of enzymes, plant extracts, salts, and essential oils dissolve the exoskeleton of the lice and protective shells of the nits. Once these shells are broken down, our proprietary formula can now attack the nervous system and eradicate head lice & nits.

  • Rare Ingredients From Around The World
    Includes ingredients we found all over the world, such as remote parts of India. By infusing these natural remedies, like rare plant extracts that natives have been using for centuries to treat head lice, ClearLice™ can offer you the most powerful and unique blend of ingredients to safely end your lice nightmare.

  • Safely eliminates lice and nits from your hair and your home
    ClearLice™ is a complete system designed to safely and effectively eliminate head lice and nits (lice eggs) from your hair and your home environment.
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Head Lice Treatment Shampoo
Average rating:
24 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Head Lice Treatment Shampoo
It actually works!!02/15/2014
By Lisa Mazzei
My daughters' school has continuous lice breakouts. I ordered the Clearlice shampoo and conditioner primarily to help with ridding the nits; nothing kills those things! I shampooed my daughters hair (she is 8yrs), left it on for 50min, rinsed, shampooed a second time and left it on for 20min. We rinsed and applied the conditioner...I did NOT rinse this out of her hair for the remainder of the week! As I combed through her hair I found that the nits were easy to remove; they were no longer stubbornly attached to the hair shaft. I did a second treatment the next day and the nits were even easier to remove! As a mother and hairdresser, I like that this product breaks down the exoskeleton of the bugs AND nits without harsh pesticides, therefore, stopping the reproduction cycle and making the nit removal much less painful than usual. The product is pricey (as a hairdresser, I am accustomed to paying wholesale prices, not retail prices) but the effectiveness makes the investment worth it
Head Lice Treatment Shampoo
By Kriste Brockway
My son and I got head lice and I totally freaked out. I had never dealt with this before. My husband ran out and bought one of those over the counter treatments. Once I read the box there was NO WAY I was putting that on either of our heads. I had googled that olive oil would kill the live lice so we started there. We doused our heads with olive oil then put shower caps on and left for 4 hours. Totally worked. It killed all the live ones and was very easy to wash out. The problem now were the eggs. THANK GOODNESS for Clearlice. Found it online, ordered just the shampoo. Followed directions and treated all 6 in family (just in case). The shampoo was AMAZING! Smelled wonderful and made my hair feel SOOO CLEAN. The next day we all got checked at school. My son and I still had eggs that we hadn't quite gotten all out but we took several of them up to the biology lab and looked at them under a microscope. Sure enough, they were all empty!!!! Whew!!! Totally recommend!!!
Head Lice Treatment Shampoo
Worked Great - As Advertised - Very Satisfied06/14/2014
By Anonymous for Obvious Reasons
Ordered with only 13 minutes before shipping cutoff - was told didn't need overnight shipping because ground would get it to me before the weekend (HAD to have it by then) and they were right - saved me big money on shipping. Product was totally as expected. Brochure says shampoo and rinse twice, but bottle says do it 3 times. We went with what was on the bottle (family of four, straight and curly hair, extremely long, short, and very short, thin and thick). We purchased shampoo, conditioner, 2 combs, and 4 shower caps. Was well worth the cost and the combs were high quality. We were in a hurry so we did not take the time to nit comb through everything. Even so, no issues and I have great peace of mind knowing we didn't expose the kids/family to unnecessary risks with other products that only handle live lice and not the eggs (and you have to do it again days later)! CDC web site says Rid and Nix do NOT kill the eggs, only live lice! Get ClearLice and take care of both in one shot!
Head Lice Treatment Shampoo
Authentic Description. Gentle but Powerful07/09/2014
By Mari Tanaka
The Clear Lice products really do work! I purchased several products. The conditioner in the spray was convenient, however, it does not work as well as the concentrate. That is my opinion. My granddaughter has long hair, so convenience doesn't always work. She loved the way it killed the bugs, but did not enjoy the scent. I ordered more as a preventative measure. They really listen to their phone messages!! I accidentally put an extra digit on my address and did not realize until the order was complete. They quickly sent an email notifying that it was corrected. Thank you for being professional and proving you listen and respond to your customers. I highly recommend this product and this company. The everyday shampoo is a must to keep these pesky bugs at bay. The product description truly is authentic. It does what it says it can do!!!
Head Lice Treatment Shampoo
By Brenda m Maciejewski
I have to admit I was really skeptical about this product. It has rave reviews but I thought why would they put a bad review up? They wouldn't right? Well I have to tell you while I was irratated that you have to wash the hair 3 times and let it sit for various times each rinsing I now know that it is worth it! I was simply amazed that this stuff worked as good as it did! I didn't have to pull off one nit! This shampoo made them all come off using the comb! I will be ordering more to keep on hand and I have already told people they need to get some too! Oh and the smell out of the bottle is a little strong but after you actually wash it 3 times and comb it the smell kinda eases. Definately worth getting this if you have a lice problem in your school!
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ClearLice™ eliminates head lice in 45 seconds

The Clearlice Story

Clearlice was developed to use on the founders 2 year old son. For that reason it had to be natural and pesticides-free. It also had to be gentle enough for his delicate scalp. More Info about ClearLice

Customer Testimonials

"Well, after months of using the over the counter lice shampoo yours was the only one that worked on the first try. My daughter has been lice free for 1 month or better. This was definitely worth the money." Thank you again.

- Renee

"I followed these directions step by step exactly how the instructions explained. From this day forward I will always use “Clearlice”. So, yes this product does work. It works so great my daughter called the company and thanked them herself and she is only 11yrs old."

- Mr.J.King

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BizRate Customer Reviews

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Google Merchant Reviews

Customer Testimonials

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