Why ClearLice is Different

Over-The-Counter Lice Treatments

If you are like most of our customers, then you have most likely tried multiple store brands and spent at least $100 only to find they don’t remove the lice and you still have lice and nits in your hair. You have probably even tried home remedies such as sleeping with mayonnaise, and or olive oil in your hair. The reason the store brands have failed you is because people have been treating lice with these over the counter products for several decades and the lice have built up a resistance to them. The outer shells of the lice and nits have become so hard, the poisons cannot penetrate the exoskeleton to harm the lice at all. These lice treatments are ineffective over 70% of the time.

Head Lice Home Remedies​

The same goes for lice home remedies. These oils and jellies attempt to smother lice, but their breathing apparatus is inside these protective shells. You might kill 1-2 lice, but it is impossible to get them all and it will be completely ineffective against the nits.

ClearLice​ Works to Remove Lice

ClearLice works through a natural mechanical process and does NOT try to poison lice with chemicals and poisons that are potentially harmful to your child and family. ClearLice uses natural enzymes and proteins that mimic the molting process of the lice and break down the hard exoskeletons of the lice and the protective shells of the nits. Once these protective casings are opened, the natural ingredients in ClearLice can now do their job. Pure essential oils, plant extracts and salts remove lice and nits without the dangerous side effects of the store brands, and the best part is that lice can NEVER become immune to the ClearLice formula. ClearLice uses a mechanical process and not a chemical process. When you use the ClearLice system, you will see dead lice and nits falling down the drain into your sink. The enzymes in ClearLice actually loosen the glue lice use to stick to your hair to effectively remove lice.

Clea​rLice Kits

Our complete lice treatment kits come with everything you need to remove lice and nits not only in your hair, but also in your home environment. It is important to remove lice and nits from your environment to stop a lice re-infestation from occurring. As a father who went through this nightmare, I know what you are going through. That is why we are here to guide you through this. Our trained lice specialists have been working with families like yours for the past 7 years. We are just a phone call away.​ Let us help you remove lice and nits once and for all!